So, you had a great idea and now you’re in the process of starting a new business. You’ve created a solid plan and have everything in order. From the logo and branding colors to a perfectly designed website. But, now what? It’s so important to understand that marketing your business is just as important as creating the concept. And though we live in a digital age, people are still utilizing and benefiting from printed graphics. Spreading the word through branded collateral (brochures, business cards etc.) or through a custom car wrap decked out with all of the branded bells and whistles. Both are effective, as they are leaving an immediate impression on your potential customer and will showcase what your brand/vision is all about.

Marketing On The Go: Car Wrap Designs That Pop


car wrap close up green bin van artisancolour client

We recently had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs Jeremiah and Natalie Rosenthal, founders of Green Bin. An eco-friendly moving box company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. As it was such a unique idea and concept, they understood the importance behind marketing their new services. They decided to begin their marketing efforts by taking their branding onto the streets!

Vehicle wraps have the potential to be one of the most effective forms of outdoor mobile advertising. Reaching more consumers at a lower cost (per thousand impressions) than any other form of outdoor advertising. One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000–80,000 impressions daily.

“We knew the Green Bin van would be driving around the Valley a lot since we deliver bins and then pick them up. And wrapping the van would help with making people more aware of our new service. We also worked with Artisan to print a retractable banner to have at the booth of local events we’re attending. It helps explain our service to people walking by so they can stop and chat if they are interested.”

– Jeremiah Rosenthal

car wrap green bin loading van artisancolour client

The Vision Behind ‘Green Bin’

01. Where did the inspiration behind starting your own company come from?

My wife (Founder, Natalie R.) originally used a similar service on the east coast and after telling me about a better way to move, I was sold. My wife and I have both been eco-conscious for a long time. We realized that many other people are too, but things like inconvenience and high cost tend to drive people away. So, when we founded Green Bin, we decided to develop an eco-friendly solution that costs less than the alternative and is convenient to use.

car wrap green bin van founder jeremiah artisancolour client

02. What are the long term goals for your business?

The main goal of Green Bin is to reduce the environmental impact of moving. We hope to do that by disrupting the way people think about packing. We believe buying cardboard boxes and building them is similar to dial-up internet. Our hope is that ten years from now, we can look back at cardboard the way we now look at dial-up internet.

Long term, we’d like to also become a carbon-neutral operation. We are already working towards this by donating a portion of our sales to the Arizona Sustainability Alliance so that they can plant trees in low-income neighborhoods across the Valley.

car wrap green bin full van parked on street artisancolour client

03. How did you discover Artisan Colour?

We received a mailer for the 20th-anniversary event and attended. The facility tour was amazing and we were blown away by the work that has been completed by the Artisan team, including the capability to install a van or car wrap.

04. Did you receive feedback on your car wrap design?

Can a van turn eyes? We know the answer is yes! We get compliments on our van all of the time and are proud to say that the team at Artisan did the work and highly recommend them. Huge shout out to Fernando (artisan sales) and Mahsa (artisan graphic design) for all their help!

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