A unique metal sign that’s custom-made for your business and a particular space makes your business stand out from the rest. High-grade brushed metal dibond is a sleek, modern choice for signs because its metallic texture is not only eye-catching and customizable, but it also offers maximum durability.

Metal Signs Allow The Artwork In Your Office To Shine

welding artwork with dibond - metal signs from artisancolour

Because metal is smooth it makes a great medium for printing photographs or graphics using UV printing technology. This is a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet lights to dry or “cure” the ink instantly as it is printed onto the surface of the material.

This process has a two key advantages: the curing makes the inks and image more resilient than most traditional printing techniques. Dibond prints are particularly striking for images that contain any areas that are true white. It will reveal the brushed aluminum metal surface and appear almost 3D like to the eye. A brilliant spin on traditional printing!

Custom Metal Cuts & Shapes For Business Logos

Not only can you print on brushed dibond metal but you can also cut into virtually any shape. This allows you to make 3D business logos and include graphics to perfectly match any branding need.

Standard shapes like rectangles, squares, ovals or circles are available for company signage as well as unique shapes designed and cut to order. So regardless if you are picturing a simple square piece of metal or an intricately cut singular shape, metal signs can accommodate those needs.

Durable Dibond Metal Signs Go Indoor Or Outdoor

display dibond metal signs logo with artisancolourFeel confident displaying your signage indoors or outdoors, as metal signs also provide high resistance to weathering. Dibond is 1/8″ thick, stable and exceedingly durable. Aside from having high stability, it is also very lightweight, approximately half the weight of traditional solid aluminum.

No matter your desired design or location, this medium will work well for various printing applications. Have a specific design in mind? We also utilize a high-speed router that is able to custom cut metal signs to any shape or size to suit your specific branding needs.

More Than A Metal Sign Maker. We’re Artisan.
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We provide high-impact custom metal signs near you. Displays and unique signage from Artisan Colour will make your brand come to life. From custom branded wall murals & graphics to grand opening event banners, our facility ensures to always accurately represent your business.

Offering the latest in printing technology, we have the ability to print on a wide range of materials, in a variety of custom finishes and shapes.

Turn your brand vision into reality.

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