Create a lasting impression on your customers with a menu design that is unique and enduring. Artisan Colour’s state-of-the-art digital printing equipment and expert in-house graphic design team offer various marketing collateral solutions.

Whether you’re looking for large or small-format printing for your business, our team can handle it all. From large point-of-purchase menu boards to standard-size menu handouts for your guests, it’s all covered under one roof.

Tip: Ditch The Template For An Unique Menu Design

There are plenty of menu generators that provide you with templates to simply fill in the blanks in your restaurant’s menu. If you’re looking for a simple, generic menu experience, these can be a good option. However, when you just dump your kitchen’s info into an automated menu maker, you miss out on huge branding opportunities.

  • Differentiation: In a crowded market, having a unique-looking menu can help distinguish your restaurant from others. It’s one of your first opportunities to create a memorable experience for customers, making them more likely to return and recommend your establishment to others.
  • Curiosity and Excitement: When a customer can tell a menu was custom crafted for the restaurant it sparks curiosity and excitement among diners. Good menu design can prime your guests for the great meal they’re about to order.
  • Brand Identity: A unique menu contributes to your restaurant’s brand identity. It showcases your culinary creativity, philosophy, and style, helping to establish a distinct personality for your establishment.
  • Social Media Buzz: In the age of social media, unique and visually appealing dishes can become viral sensations. Customers love sharing their dining experiences online, and a standout menu can help generate free publicity through user-generated content.

The overall style of your menu should be based on the established atmosphere of your business. Consistent branding should really be considered during the initial design process as it gives your customers a true understanding of the substance of your brand. If your team doesn’t have access to a professional designer, such as Urban Toad Media who designed the Proof Artisan Distillers menu, allow one of our talented in-house graphic designers to take the lead and make your branding vision, a reality.

Tip: Choose The Right Menu Printing Medium

You have a lot of choices for the material to print your menu on. The most common are paper, thick card stock or laminated paper, but mixed mediums are becoming more and more popular. Here’s an overview of the types of printing mediums, why they’re used, and why quality printing is so important.

Most Affordable – Least Durable

  • Paper Menus – Cheapest to produce and easiest to replace
  • Card Stock – 130 Cover, matte or gloss thick and stiff paper is the next step up from paper

Most Common Laminated

  • Paper and Vinyl – 18-millimeter vinyl that covers card stock or paper for added durability
  • Paper and Synthetic – 12-millimeter synthetic cover of card stock or paper for added durability

More Than Paper

Adding wood, metal, leather, or other specially designed material to your menu presentation is also a popular way to take a standard-looking menu and make it look modern and singular. A mixed-medium menu combined with professional printing

Menus are a highly-ranked marketing tool for establishments in the food and beverage industry and offer an opportunity to shine. Beyond design, it is also just as important to invest in quality printing for your marketing materials, as well. You can depend on our small format printing services to consistently deliver high-quality print collateral for your business, every time.

Tip: Create The Ultimate Branding Experience

photo studio menu design 2 artisancolourArtisan Colour offers various printing and creative services to ensure all of your branding needs are met in one place. Do you want to add some custom imagery to your menu or a few high-quality artwork pieces around your place of business? We can do that also!

Artisan operates a professional in-house photo studio that can easily supply HQ imagery for catalog, web, print campaigns and more.

Love one of the photographs we took or have one of your own that you want to display? Then, head over to, our fine art printing service.

photo studio menu design artisancolourRead more about ArtisanHD client, Francesco Tonelli, a professional food photographer that was in search of a quality printing service for his food photographs.

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