Why is it so important to work with a single print partner who can provide creative print solutions?

One of the most challenging aspects of any large organization, business, or non-profit is how to communicate clearly to ensure staff, visitors, and donors can get where they are going, be inspired, and at times, be rewarded.

When you walk into a medical facility, office building, or campus, you should be able to tell exactly where you are, be alerted to any restrictions, and be guided where you need to go without hassle. And do so in a way that supports the mission, inspires, comforts, and calms all those who enter. Creative print solutions can help you do that.

From brochures to wall signs, and directional floor stickers to discharge paperwork, partnering with expert printers lets hospitals refocus on saving lives while their printing is executed and delivered straight to them.

For both businesses and universities, staff, clients, and students are there to learn or do business. Getting lost, or worse yet, being unmotivated or uninspired can hurt innovation and productivity.

Creative Print Solutions

Today’s organizations have a vast array of print needs. At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, creative print solutions took on a new meaning for the community. Staff there used services from their local printer, Artisan Colour, to interact with their donors and recognize the invaluable support they had provided to the hospital.

When it comes to printing on unique materials, Artisan Colour’s creativity is a strong asset for hospitals like PCH. To thank and honor donors, Artisan partnered with the hospital to create unique acrylic awards complete with personal branding etched in. These extra touches foster a recognizable brand across multiple mediums, keeping PCH at the forefront of donors’ and patients’ minds.

Custom Printing for Phoenix Children's Hospital by Artisan Colour“Phoenix Children’s relies on the philanthropic support of our community, so providing our donors with a memorable expression of our gratitude is an important part of our work. By collaborating with Artisan Colour, we are able to create print pieces that our donors and corporate partners proudly display.”- Marissa Flynn, the Sr. Donor Relations Specialist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Printed Communication Material

A hospital or business is more than just a building, and print needs to extend beyond just environmental factors like signs. Paperwork, brochures, documents, and more can all be printed with the same cohesive branding that appears on your signs and walls.

You can send donors or customers highly polished, branded material as a thank you for their support or to inform them of a new product or service. Include easily recognizable, branded instructions in patients’ discharge paperwork or put brochures in with purchased products. With web to print portals, you can print all types of branded marketing or informational materials, all from one source.

Creative Print Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

When you choose to use a printer for branded documents, look for one that offers a simplified method to get your materials. Artisan Colour uses a centralized print-on-demand program for hospital systems called Web2Print that makes it easy to get what you need printed – when you need it.

Pick and pack means you can order prints and we’ll warehouse them until you need them shipped to your location. This saves your budget by running larger runs of each print.

Your focus is on saving lives, so let us take care of the printing. There’s no reason to add extra steps for yourself when you can click, print, and receive your material when you need them – saving you time and eliminating the hassle.

Industry Compliance – HIPAA Certified Printer

Any time a medical institution works with a third-party vendor, it’s important to verify the ability to comply with industry standards. Artisan Colour has taken the steps to be a HIPAA certified printer.

HIPAA Compliant PrintingWhen it comes to printing sensitive medical information, we have safeguards at every step of the process to make sure digital and print information remains protected while in our care. Our IT department has employed cybersecurity measures to prevent breaches.

We also follow common-sense guidelines, like securing printed documents the moment they arrive in the tray. Protected health information is not left unattended at Artisan Colour.

Creating a Healthy Environment and Productive Environment

Hospitals and doctors’ offices are more than businesses or medical sites—they are places where people spend some of their best and worst days. When patients have extended stays, it’s important for them to be in environments that encourage healing and relaxation, which color and design can influence.

Using printed artwork to decorate walls can foster pleasant, serene surroundings for patients and their families. When integrated with the color scheme and sign design around the facility, the cohesiveness makes for a highly polished, welcoming location.

Similarly, when your hospital patients visit an outpatient location for follow-ups or physical therapy, it’s important to have consistent branding in place. Not only does it help them recognize the new place, but it also evokes feelings of familiarity and trust.

For businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions, inspirational graphics or signs that promote the mission or values of the organization can also create a positive atmosphere that leads to higher productivity.

Informational Graphics

Coming into an office or medical center or onto a campus often sends people looking for information. In recent months, instructions for mask-wearing and social distancing have been an important part of printing work.

Yet, there is always a need for informational graphics. Some areas require cell phones to be off. Others require special equipment like hard hats, hairnets, or special badges. Staff-restricted areas must be clearly labeled for safety. Often, this kind of signage can even save a life, such as warnings around MRI machines.

Creating clear, noticeable guidelines or informational graphics helps communicate with patients, staff, and visitors.

These types of informational graphics can also be used to help educate patients about their conditions. A patient with kidney stones has likely never thought about their kidneys before, but with a high-quality graphic on the wall of the kidney and its surrounding systems, you can walk them through exactly what is happening in their body.

For business or university campuses, creating visuals to illustrate complex ideas, systems, or details of new product lines or programs can help improve efficiency or help create a successful launch.

ASU Wall Mural S1 higher education marketing

Directional Signs

With ever-growing complexes and campuses, properly labeling the buildings, routes, and directions requires a highly orchestrated printing plan. In an emergency, no one wants to wander the halls looking for colleagues or a family member due to poorly designed signage.

Several components go into intelligent directional sign design. Signs must be visible. In large, open spaces or alongside elevator banks, it’s important to size signs and fonts so that readers can quickly absorb the information they need.

OdySea Bathroom Signage e1614901747965

Signs should have a cohesive look so that visitors know what to watch for as they navigate. Designing all way-finding signs to have the same distinct color, header, or bright white background can help visitors quickly pick them out on busy walls and doors.

Spacing and frequency are also important – your print graphics can only go as far as you take them. It’s essential to make sure to cover each juncture point along a route with graphics that help visitors find their way. Printed directional floor signs work especially well at these locations.

If you have questions about how frequently signs really need to be posted, working with an experienced printer like Artisan Colour can help you strategize your plan.

Multi-Faceted Partner for Multi-Faceted Print Needs

With the familiarity of working with medical institutions like Phoenix Children’s Hospital, businesses, and universities, Artisan Colour is here for all of your multi-faceted print needs. Reach out to us today to discover the creative print solutions we can offer your organization.