Printed catalogs and mail order catalogs are not going away. In fact, it has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Traditionally, consumers would pick up the phone and call into a call center of sorts to place their orders. Now, catalogs are serving more so as the first ‘push’ for buyers. Guiding them towards making their purchases online or in-store. And what’s driven them to do this, is the overall visual experience and inspiration that catalog shopping has created for them.

Mail Order Catalogs & Printing Still Matter

sundance catalog printed by artisancolour mail order catalogs experience

Here are three reasons why:

1. Effectively connect consumers to your brand with shopping catalogs by mail

Catalog shopping offers consumers a more memorable way to view and highlight products. They are able to physically hold product ideas in their hands, mark their favorites and easily pick it up again in a few days or so. According to a survey conducted by Kurt Salmon, a global management consulting firm, “45 percent of people say catalogs stimulate their interest in a company’s products, and almost 90 percent have bought an item after first seeing it in a catalog.

2. Print Catalogs Can’t Be Moved To Spam Folders

Your printed materials are sent and delivered to homes, offices, and into the hands of potential clients. While email marketing is incredibly effective, it won’t be certain that it can reach all audiences. In order to maximize your audience reach, you will need to start marketing through various mediums. Catalogs are part of a multi-channel marketing strategy that is delivering results. For every person who prefers online engagement and media, there is going to be someone who still prefers printed material.

3. Achieve Successful Results With An Effective Strategy

It’s not just the top mail order catalogs that can profit from direct mail. By utilizing databases and having a greater knowledge of their buyers, retailers are able to target customers more effectively than ever. The key is to custom tailor to your audience. Try dispatching specific catalogs to buyers who have previously made in-store or online purchases relating to those products. By avoiding mailing catalogs to every person on a random list, it will ultimately be a more cost-effective approach that will most likely show your business successful results. Learn more about personalized marketing materials and how they can benefit your business.

20 Years As Your Mail Order Catalog Company

“Sundance has been lucky enough to partner with Artisan for nearly two decades. In that time as technology has changed, so has Artisan. They have grown prudently but always on the cutting edge of technology. The strong, steady leadership they have in place allows customers an assurance that their projects are in good hands. We consider them a valued and trusted partner.”

– Cindy Lashley, Director of Creative Services Production, Sundance Catalog

You’ve most likely seen our work in waiting areas or living rooms. Each year, Artisan Colour produces over 45,000 catalog pages for our clients. Other related services that we offer include on-site photography, image retouching, color management, and short-run corporate & retail printing.

Some of the country’s top retailers and most popular catalogs have trusted in our company to produce their catalogs (such as Sundance, CC Filson and prAna). With over twenty years of experience, your company can also trust in our meticulous work and confident execution.

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