One of the best and easiest ways to visually enhance or transform a space is to use oversized art to dominate the scope of view. Big and bold signage or art not only grab a person’s attention but also primes them for the experience within the space itself.

Wall Murals and graphics often make a big statement, which is great for grand openings, coming soon awareness, or brand re-designs. They also offer the opportunity for you to create a clean, uniform atmosphere and a better experience for your guests.

Mural tip #1: Be Bold, Use Colorful Graphics

If you’re truly trying to transform a space, avoid drab or commonplace colors that may blend in with the surroundings. Bold and contrasting colors grab people’s attention and, done correctly, won’t clash with the surrounding decor. Murals can include colors that are otherwise uncommon in that space to bring a unique feel and ambiance to a room.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to work closely with food chain restaurant P.F Changs China Bistro as they remodel multiple locations nationwide. Transitioning their restaurant style from traditional to modern was possible through bold, colorful wall murals and graphic designs. Eye-catching prints are impactful and will leave a long-lasting impression on the customers that are encountering your space.

Mural tip #2: Use Company Wall Murals To Tell A Story

You can also use wall murals, graphics, and fine art prints to spice up your corporate office. Embrace your company culture, highlight your brand accomplishments, or showcase employee recognition. By implementing fresh ideas and supplying a variety of unique printing material options, together we are able to create an aesthetically pleasing experience for both your employees and customers.

Artisan Colour’s committed printing professionals and design team will work hard to embody your company’s culture. By utilizing custom signage and unique printed design elements, we were able to transform VIVIDSEATS desired corporate environment into one that is meaningful and visually striking.

GCU Stairway Floor GraphicsMural tip #3: Go Beyond The Wall

If you’re looking to use environmental graphics to transform a space, you can go beyond wall murals and add graphics to other parts of the room. One of the most common ways to do that is to add graphics to stairs

  • Ceiling – Go past the wall and onto the ceiling to make a space feel wholly different.
  • Multiple walls – Many murals can be printed large enough to span across corners and onto multiple walls.
  • Stairs – Go vertical and put graphics on the risers or treads of a staircase.

More Than A Printer, We’re Artisan.

Artisan Colour’s modern print technology and 20 years of experience will provide your business with the quality print services you need to represent your brand. Make your marketing plan a one-stop project. Artisan offers large and small format printing, pre-press, professional photography, product management, in-house creative services and more.

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