Windows are an underrated and often unused space for a business. You shouldn’t cover every surface with window and wall clings but you can cover a few key spots to enhance your branding, promote something exciting, or help direct people.

There are many different types of custom window clings and large format printing you should consider, depending on the intended length of use and intended message.

What Are Window Clings Made Out Of?

Window clings are typically made out of vinyl or a special PVC static material.

Vinyl is the most popular material. It’s thin, flexible, and has varying levels of transparency. It’s perfect for vinyl lettering and signs because it uses a mild adhesive to allow them to easily stick and unstick with no residue.

PVC static material is exactly what it sounds like. This type of window cling does not use adhesive. Instead, it adheres to the window with static electricity. This type of window cling is easy to remove or adjust, which makes it a good solution for temporary purposes.

Both vinyl and PVC window clings are easy to apply and remove, making them ideal prints for various purposes. They are used in homes, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial settings.

Anti-UV Window Clings

Places like Arizona and Southern California are extremely hot for much of the year. Instead of paying for tinted windows, custom UV-sealed vinyl window clings block harmful UV rays but allow sunlight to enter. It’s often worth paying a premium upfront to keep rooms cooler by blocking UV solar radiation. An added bonus is that this type of cling protects furniture, flooring, and fabric from fading due to sun exposure.

PHXDW logo window cling

Privacy Window Clings

Have you ever seen a bus window from both sides? From the outside, you can only see the ad, while from the inside you can easily see what’s passing by.

Vinyl window stickers designed for privacy can be designed to obscure the view from the outside or to obscure the view in both directions. These can still let some levels of light through, depending on the design. They can be a great replacement for curtains or blinds, which can be quite costly to fit, especially in tall business buildings.

These can also be great for windows that have a bad view, such as the back of an industrial building or an unattractive parking lot.

promotional window clings

Wayfinding Window Clings

Wayfinding signage helps direct people to go down a certain hallway or use a particular door. This type of window cling is often used in medical centers, large warehouse-type retail stores, and schools.

When you direct the eye where to enter the establishment, customers who are often in a rush feel more comfortable and efficient. This is quite common in stores with automatic doorways, such as grocery stores.

When using wayfinding in retail stores, it’s best suited for storefronts with many windows. This makes it so you can highlight the entry door, the exit door, and the delivery door, for example. Internal windows can also be used.

Be warned that this can become overwhelming if too overdone. Talk to an Artisan Colour specialist to see some examples of successful wayfinding signage.

Billboard-Style Window Clings

Billboards exist to catch the eye of people passing by. This type of window cling is most often used to:

  • Store openings
  • Advertise seasonal sales
  • Show off new products
  • Highlight limited-time or special offers.

If you need to switch up your messages frequently, reusable window clings can be very cost-effective.

billboard window clings

Seasonal Window Clings

Holidays are a great way to get people excited! Vinyl window stickers and clings can be easily designed to show some holiday spirit. Use festive symbols and bright colors associated with the holiday to enhance the ad.

Don’t forget seasonal sports, yearly community events, and even the four seasons can make for great marketing. Lots of bright colors for springtime and earth tones for autumn are an easy go-to.

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