Franchised businesses demand a lot from those who run them, own them and service them as a vendor. With a goal of creating consistency – often across state lines and significant location variability – each part of the whole must work together to meet customers’ expectations of a similar experience at each location. Franchise digital printing is one of the best ways to accomplish this mission.

What to Expect from Franchise Digital Printing

The most important things you should kinow about franchise digital printing include what you should expect from a provider. If a provider does not have a solution to tackle these challenges, it may be time to look for a different franchise printing provider.

1. Print Providers Help Create a Brand Look

Johnny Rockets Wall Window Graphics ArtisanColourThis is significant for newer franchises. Print providers do not simply manufacture items; they can also assist with design and features to use in your space. 

For brands just starting out, translating their logo design and branding style to the real world can be aided by print companies that have the experience and knowledge of scaling those graphics up for real life.

This is also true of brand re-designs. There comes a point in every business where you ask: what’s working and what’s not? If your print branding is one that’s not working, your franchise printing fulfillment partner should be able to provide unique ideas and options to switch up the look and feel of your materials.

Think About Space

front lobby spenga signage printing solutions artisancolourPrint services providers think in 3D as well as 2D. They can help you take your print branding off the page and into your space.

Think about wall graphics, directional floor stickers or beautiful but functional dividers as part of your print branding strategy.

Want a stunning statement wall behind your front desk? Print providers can assist in guiding you through the options and designing the right piece for your space. 

The space may require a larger acrylic printed sign than you would have initially guessed. Or perhaps you had never thought of using dye-sublimation metal signs arranged in a collage to welcome your guests to your franchise locations.

With the guidance of your print provider, you can create a look that will be scalable to multiple locations.

2. Speaking of Scalable… It Should Be!

Franchise locations are not always built fresh for a new owner. Often these are repurposed and remodeled from the previous businesses that occupied the spaces. For this reason, franchises must find a printing partner that is capable of scaling their brand designs for multiple locations.

One location may require an eight-foot welcome sign, while the next will only have space for a five-foot design. A franchise digital printing partner that has the materials and knowledge to create a uniform look in each location, regardless of sizing or architectural impediments, is necessary.

Consistency Is Key

Artisan Colour Franchise Digital Printing Clients3

Franchise printing offers a consistent product. There is an expectation in the franchise world that the customer’s experiences in different locations be both consistent and replicable. Printed material can be a big part of that.

Each time a customer enters a particular grocery store, they will no doubt look around for the familiar signs to direct them down aisles. Customers entering a franchised package shipping store will search for a menu of services.  Similarly, those loyal to a particular franchised real estate brokerage will look for their signs in front of homes. 

if the print material in signage and labels is inconsistent, customers will waste time looking for you or the information they need. However, when a franchise nails a consistent look for all of their locations by using a single print shop, they provide better service for their customers in general.

3. Get Material for Expansion

Modern Acupuncture Franchise Map Sept 2018

Modern Acupuncture Franchise Map Sept 2018

A constant goal for franchised businesses is growth. Expanding to new locations is necessary, particularly in the early days. Attracting investors into your franchise is essential.

What’s the best way to show them a franchise is a great investment? Graphics. At pitch meetings and trade shows, franchise managers should have graphic, printed material available for interested parties to take with them. 

Charts and graphs that quickly communicate facts about the franchise offer an eye-catching, brief summary of the business that can draw in a potential investor wandering by your tradeshow booth. Before they move on, have brochures, business cards, or booklets available for them to take along. Each instance of getting your brand or name in front of an investor improves their memory of you.

Catch the attention of customers! Direct mail print materials announcing a grand opening, a promotion or simply sending a menu are other ways to let your brand shine. Work with a franchise printing fulfillment provider to get these products created and distributed.

4. Coordinated Ordering Is Essential

If you manage a franchise, coordinating orders for print materials is a must. You need an order system that can handle ALL the logistics for you – it should be able to be accessed by any franchisee and include centralized records, consistent branding, graphics and print products, along with location-based data like addresses and employee contact asset management screen: custom built printing technology from Artisan Colour

An online ordering portal is convenient, organized and trackable. Franchise locations get exactly what they need, when they need it, delivered directly to their door. Billing can be sent to or paid directly by the franchisees, as well.

Hand-in-hand with online ordering should be warehousing and kitting. The ideal franchise printing partner will be able to store items for you and drop ship your products on demand. With a robust online portal to print products on demand, franchise printing services set you up for success when you need to get new print products.

With the ability to access designs, customize to fit your location’s needs and distribute the materials with just the touch of a button, a well-organized portal can cut ordering time and costs by more than half.

Save yourself time and stress with a one-and-done web-to-print option.

5. Shipping Must Be Simple

OLarge Scale Shipping for Franchise Digital Printing Clientsnce you order through the coordinated portal, franchise printing fulfillment companies should be able to produce, house and ship your franchise print products to different locations as needed and without significant delay. 

Opt for larger print runs for more savings. Providers with in-house printing can then keep the items in storage so that each franchise location can order products as needed. 

Your print provider should be experienced in picking, packing, and shipping to multiple locations. You need to know about their process before committing.

Artisan Colour is Your Franchise Digital Printing Solution

For a company that can help create a brand look, scale it, produce material for expansion, coordinate ordering and ship your products wherever and whenever one of your franchisees needs them, Artisan Colour is the solution you have been looking for. 

Let us be your franchise digital printing solution: contact us today!