Desperate times do not require desperate measures according to the professionals at Scottsdale printer, Artisan Colour, they prefer swift, thoughtful and focused action that delivers solutions to big problems.Face shields being delivered by scottsdale printer, Artisan Colour, to Phoenix Children's Hospital

When the Scottsdale printer’s team heard that a severe shortage of protective gear endangered personnel in healthcare, emergency, and food services, they decided to help them stay safe.

Alan Ludington, Artisan’s Director of Digital Printing, floated the suggestion of producing cloth face masks. After careful evaluation, Ludington discovered that the equipment and experience in-house was better suited to manufacturing face shields. He found a source for TETG, a clear PVC-type material, Artisan’s President and CEO Doug Bondon approved the purchase, and the team was on its way.

Taking Swift, Focused Action

The face shields are manufactured on-site. The shield is cut to specifications and straps are riveted into place. The first 200 masks were donated to the Scottsdale Fire Department on Monday, April 6. When the project is completed, Bondon estimates 100 hours of manufacturing time will have been spent to produce 1,200 to 1,400 face shields.

Artisan’s personnel and family members contacted local healthcare organizations and essential businesses to ask if they needed face shields. In addition to Scottsdale Fire, Banner Health, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the Scottsdale Police Department and a local food processing company have expressed interest.

The award-winning Scottsdale printer operates under strict safety measures that include no-contact deliveries. The team works alternating split shifts with 50% of personnel working one week, and the other 50% working the following. Despite the limiting schedule, each of the 65 team members will contribute to the face shield project.

Scottsdale Printer Takes on the Challenge

Helping to stem the tide of COVID-19 transmission has brought a greater sense of purpose to the team, empowering them to think of additional ways to serve the community during the crisis. Bondon encourages others who feel helpless to find a way to help.

“We were listening to the headline news at the office,” he said. “When we heard reports about the rising COVID-19 infection rates and the shortage of protective gear for healthcare workers, you could feel the sadness in the room.” When the team collectively agreed to do something to help there was a positive shift in energy. “If we all do our part, we can overcome this situation as a community. We’re all in this together.”

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