Product packaging matters to your customers and the process to get there matters to you. While that journey from the design on the drawing board to masterpiece on the shelves can be a long road, using cutting-edge technology and equipment offers some shorter steps. By combining commercial printing expertise with intelligent equipment, Artisan Colour makes product package printing options nearly limitless yet ultra-efficient.

Putting Your Best Packaging Forward

Your product packaging is just as important as the product inside. As an introduction to your brand and your mission, it serves double duty as brand recognition and a quick way for potential customers to identify what makes you stand out.

Professional product package printing has the potential to boost sales while poor packaging can keep a product settled on the shelf: more than 70% of consumers say package design influences their purchasing decision.

Also, take into account the recent popularity and views of unboxing videos. Watching a fellow consumer open a product box and the many layers of the packaging within have become a phenomenon that is prompting packaging designers to up their game.

Of the 35% of consumers who watch unboxing videos, more than half say that the video pushed them to purchase the product.

To create this prolific yet functional packaging, look for a printing partner that will stand with you through the design evolution process. Ideally, one that can turn around prototypes quickly and make revisions on demand.

Enter Intec’s ColorCut FB8000PRO digital die cutter, which features rapid turnaround for prototypes and packaging plus intricate cutting patterns, all without the need for any tooling.

Product Package Printing: Better Together

PRODUCT PACKAGE PRINTING - Intec FB8000 Pro Digital Die CutterAt Artisan Colour, the secret to product package printing efficiencies and overall success is the collaboration of the Intec FB8000PRO with the HP Indigo 7K Digital Printer Digital Printer. Together, the cutting-edge equipment is expanding both capabilities and efficiencies for commercial printing.

The digital die cutter takes almost any print from the press and cuts, creases, perforates, or scores in any shape. This improves upon traditional die-cutting processes, which require either “steele-rule” or “flexible rotary” dies. When new dies are required, they take up to three days to machine and come with an added cost ranging from $150 to well over $500 each, depending on the die-line pattern and complexity.

Digital die cutting eliminates the traditional die, thus eliminating the extra time and costs for cuts, even intricate ones. Any number of pattern changes can be made on the fly and within the same order for no extra cost.

With the HP Indigo 7K’s specialty inks (CMYK, metallic, white, and spot PMS) and super speed at almost twice the speed of earlier generation Indigo printers, plus the rapid-fire work of the FB8000Pro, design options are limitless and prototype revisions can be seen immediately.

“We’ve always been a big prototype house. We call ourselves the kings of prototyping in Scottsdale.” Pete Cook, Artisan Colour Production Manager

Product package printing and on-demand cutting are now cost-efficient even in short runs. Your prototype designs can evolve quickly while staying within budget.

Seamless Software Paves the Way

One of the keys to small format workflow efficiencies, and the symbiotic relationship between the Artisans and the equipment, is Intec’s proprietary software and cameras that the FB8000PRO uses.

It starts with the HP Indigo 7K, where boxes, mailers, or labels fly through the digital press. A small QR code prints on the media outside of the design. Artisans manage the printing, of course, then quality check and deliver the prints to the FB8000PRO.

Prints are placed in the media tray. A suction-operated auto sheet feeder pulls the print under a high-resolution camera, which reads the code and sets up the specific action. The print rolls along the conveyor and is cut, creased, perforated, or scored exactly according to design.

This highly efficient workflow also features the ability to work on multiple projects and designs in one tray, one right after the other. The camera just reads the code on each print as it comes through, then executes accordingly and accurately.

Not only is overall production time lower, so is the need for human interaction and supervision. Artisans can focus on more details and more projects at once.

This translates to more cost-efficient prototypes, short runs, and medium runs for customers like you.

Product Package Printing: Beyond the Box


While seemingly very specific, product packaging actually extends to a wide variety of applications, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Premium packaging
  • Labels
  • Contour mailers/envelopes
  • Hotel key card pouches
  • Folders
  • Tabbed dividers
  • Shaped stationary (i.e. event invitations)

Sometimes an afterthought of product packaging and mailers, labels play an integral role in marketing success.

Forbes reports that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that personalizes and 90% find personalization appealing.

The ability to digitally print personalized labels then immediately kiss-cut them creates a dynamic variable data printing powerhouse.

More is Better

When you have a tall order, digital cutting delivers. A high-capacity auto sheet feeder allows for up to 2,000 prints per media tray. High-speed feeding and media placement plus a continuous cutting mat all lend to cut speeds of just 30 seconds per sheet. A dual tool design element enables cuts, creases, and perforations to be executed at once.

Faster operation and wider media handling simply lead to increased – largely unmanned – productivity. The automated stacking, feeding, and cutting of any shape packaging makes it an ideal workflow for high production orders.

From boxes to brochures and labels, and single prototypes to large runs, we’re heralding the era of more sophisticated and efficient product package printing. To learn how to get started with your package design, contact the Artisans at or (602) 806-9849.

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