Does your creative partner support your multi-channel workflow challenges? 

Are you hitting your product image editing and catalog production milestones?

Artisan Colour is redefining the product and brand marketing workflow process by introducing new tools that help reduce bottlenecks. Erase your biggest workflow impediments in image management and achieve the desired quality you need to meet your revenue goals with our custom-built catalog workflow solutions.

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OmniProof – Artisan’s Custom Digital Proof Collaboration

When creating a digital proof, it’s essential to have flawless communication and real-time changes all in one place. Artisan Colour has created an app called OmniProof that’s perfect for the modern world of image management. Save time and resources, improve team collaboration, and increase efficiency without sacrificing accuracy. All you need is a tablet and WiFi! 

With OmniProof, you can:

  • Review product photo and catalog proofs
  • Comment in real-time by typing or voice to text
  • Check individual rounds of proofs
  • View and approve changes
  • Share with stakeholders

Projects and pages are all in one place, digitally stored to speed up your workflow.

Color Vault – Artisan’s Custom Digital Asset Management System  

Maximize content value with flexible digital asset management (DAM). The team at Artisan Colour built a custom DAM system to be highly secure and customizable. Multiple users can access, download, upload, distribute, and edit images, videos, documents, and art files. Tools include markup pens, annotation tools, full-text selection, spot color, and unlimited zoom. 

digital asset management screen: custom built printing technology from Artisan Colour









All of this can be done through your regular web browser, anytime and anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. We can also securely store your product photos and other assets for years, substantially reducing creative costs.  

Benefits of Artisan’s Color Vault:

  • Secure access to assets, 24/7
  • Ability to give multiple users access with unique passwords
  • Easily search any asset by name, date, metadata, or dozens of other criteria
  • Metadata tags and keywords allow for easy organization
  • Customized automated metadata injection methods

Searchability Solutions

Our programs include metadata and keyword labeling and tagging for asset searchability. This makes it easy to find that single file to complete the issue, without spending hours searching through folders upon folders of image libraries. Find rapidly, share rapidly. 

Enfocus Switch – Solving Remote Team Collaboration 

Meeting deadlines is still possible while the staff is working from home. The application of Enfocus Switch makes it possible for a remote team to have high levels of collaboration. Switch helps to automate your workflow process, bringing each connection and application into one smooth workflow.

Solving Missed Deadlines and Slow Workflow

How many proofing rounds does it take to achieve final approval?

Collecting feedback from senior members of the team, copywriters, etc. can slow everything down if not done properly. When documents are circulated between different groups multiple times, significant delays become very apparent. We have in-house automation tools and to automate the movement of your data that keeps your project on schedule.

Sundance Catalog Workflow Production by Artisan Colour

Workflow Efficiency with Production Animation

Do your in-home target delivery dates achieve the desired quality you need to meet your revenue goals?

When working through your image management and catalog production workflow, consider the many steps it takes to produce a successful online promotion or printed catalog run. It’s critical that the correct tools are utilized so that there’s a high level of communication between management and design teams, and eventually the printing team.  

PitStop Pro is the industry standard for PDF validation, solving pre-flighting, editing, repairing, and reporting PDF challenges your team may face. Enfocus PitStop Pro and Switch work in conjunction with our custom-built solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and transparency. 

Overcome Your Catalog Production Workflow Challenges

Don’t forget the benefit of keeping it all in one place. Because Artisan Colour is also a print shop, we can answer any questions about design and how it will affect the end product. Our command center in Scottsdale can adjust and calibration settings (your ICC Profile) for perfect color, every time. We can even help produce matching sales collateral and displays for retail locations!  

color correction catalog workflow 1

We hope this closer look at the tools we use to speed up your product image management and catalog production workflow helps you get some incredible (and efficient!) results.   

Artisan Colour’s custom solutions ensure that you can: 

  • Have digital derivatives of all of your assets 
  • Have real-time commenting and editing capabilities 
  • Search for assets quickly 
  • Keep your project on schedule, even with a remote team.  

We can be a creative partner that supports your product photo management and catalog production workflow challenges. See the brands that trust us here.

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