A successful eCommerce or catalog campaign starts by creating brand awareness through a clear message delivered by a top-notch creative team. Yet many businesses don’t have the bandwidth to get their message to market quickly. This is where support with image editing services, design, and a proofing team that can streamline processes and communications is key.

How can you ensure your content management process is working for your brand?

As a trusted consultant to top luxury brands for 20+ years, Artisan Colour has developed a checklist that can help you identify areas to reduce friction and maximize your profitability. Below are some of the key questions to ask.

Brand Potential

Do you have the expertise to truly deliver your company’s full brand potential to your customers?

Having high-quality images gives customers trust in your brand. Selling products online can be competitive and clear images that highlight the benefits of the product to the customer can increase sales. For enterprise companies, the ability to showcase a new product line or update images efficiently to deal with supply chain issues is critical.

The video below provides an overview of the image editing work for prAna, our client for over a decade. Partnering with their creative team, we are able to expand their capabilities and support them in image editing, pre-media services for their product catalogs as well as printing their in-store graphics as well.

We can assist your brand to improve the visual imagery of your products – from photography to print. Our in-house photography studio supports the needs of our national and local catalog retailers by providing photography for digital and print campaigns. Catalog photography and late-cycle product photography image manipulation fixes are our forte. Product images can be styled to your needs, and lifestyle images can be edited for display on any platform.

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Our image manipulation experts at Artisan Colour look at each file as one piece of the whole brand. Product color matching, balancing, background removal, image path clipping, and more are all within reach. Simply put, our product photo retouchers are masters of their craft.

Maximum Efficiency = Maximum Profit

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Does your current product image services provider have U.S.-based operations and service managers?

Artisan Colour has a dedicated catalog content management team based in Scottsdale, Arizona who will partner with you on all stages of your advertising campaign, from conception to print. We often collaborate with project managers from our catalog brands in our Scottsdale production facility.

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Flexible Solutions

image editing services lightboothIs your content production solution agile, and does it allow quick acceleration of projects?

Our dedicated project managers will work with you through every stage of production, getting your images to you quickly and professionally edited.

Need a re-shoot or product swap? Our in-house photography studio and full-time photographers are within reach, with no outsourcing involved. Product photo manipulation, color matching, and image combination are a few of our available product image services. We can also provide 360-degree photos for a full eCommerce shoot.

Group Review and Approval

Our expert photo manipulators and color specialists take all the guesswork out of image production, making it relatively cost-effective and pain-free. And yet every project requires communication and accountability for the catalog content management process.

How do you handle group review and approval collaboration for creative? 

Improve team collaboration while reducing time, travel, and costs.

Omniproof is Artisan’s custom-built soft-proofing software. Whether you need a last-minute review of an image or a full color-managed solution for an entire project, Omniproof allows for fast and flexible viewing of digital derivatives, annotations, and approvals.

  • iPad comments image editing servicesWeb browser-based for 24/7 access
  • Multiple users with unique logins
  • Comments made in real-time, typing or voice to text
  • Proof an image with different color profiles
  • Multi-tiered approval workflow
  • Includes markup pens, annotation tools, full-text selection, spot color, and zoom-in for closeup review.

OmniProof saves the time and resources it would traditionally take to print, prepare, and ship hard proofs.

Learn more here.

Time is Money for Image Editing Services

Does your catalog marketing maximize spend?

Each year we produce over 45,000 direct mail catalog pages for our clients – illuminating the ideas behind their brand that resonate with consumers. Our creative team uses top-notch technology to create exceptional product photos that drive revenue. Utilize our 2,500 square foot studio, 2 full-time photographers, Hasselblad and Canon cameras, professional lighting equipment, and 360-degree spin capture.

But beyond imagery, Artisan Colour offers clients large and small a full-service, point-to-point comprehensive solution. We’re also a full-service print shop. This means our files are consistently developed to create reproducible proofs to industry standards. Perfect color on all different mediums is the best way to make sure your branding is consistent throughout your catalogs and other print marketing materials, retail locations, and more.

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Full service point-to-point comprehensive solution with dedicated project managers that work with you through every stage of production

Trust 20+ Years of Industry Experience

Is your creative team efficient enough to reduce friction and maximize profitability? 

If your team is overworked, costly mistakes happen. Let us help you create marketing that reflects the quality of your brand.

From small businesses to big brands, Artisan Colour helps your brand stand out with expertise from working with thousands of products. There’s so much more to it than just image editing services! Let us exceed your expectations.

Partnering with Artisan means we provide an organized, accurate, and creatively driven prepress production process. Increase efficiency without sacrificing accuracy by trusting the professional catalog content management company that has been in business for more than 20 years.

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Product Image Management Checklist

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