If your organization needs to be found or is looking to grow its market share, you need effective marketing – and Arizona commercial printing experts understand how to help you. While printing is important to both local businesses and large corporate organizations, it’s more than that. The printing industry provides jobs and is important to the Arizona economy.

Today’s marketing is all about digital – social media, video, websites, SEO – seemingly pushing printing to the backburner. But commercial printing is still essential in a holistic marketing strategy so the need for a local printer here in Arizona is that much more critical.

Printing is not outdated or a competitor to digital media. Rather, it’s actually a necessary complement that works in tangent with digital marketing, driving consumers to the digital marketing channels. In fact, commercial printing helps increase digital engagement, which in turn, increases sales.

How Commercial Printing Can Impact Your Business

Return on Investment for Arizona Commercial Printing Company Artisan ColourOne downfall of a strictly digital marketing strategy is that consumers are now overwhelmed with email marketing and online advertisements. The market is oversaturated and standing out has become harder than ever.

Printing is a proven tool to reach prospects. Statistics show that U.S. advertisers spend an average of $167 per person on direct mail, leading to an average $2,095 in goods or services purchased. Quick math tells us that’s a 1,255% ROI!

3 More Reasons Why Arizona Commercial Printing is Good for Business

1.  Engagement. Printing offers a tangible, unique experience that simply can’t be replicated in any other medium. Consider how long you spend on some websites – maybe 30 seconds to quickly find what you need or realize the site isn’t what you need? Printing holds attention longer.

Brochures, postcards, and business cards not only fit nicely in hand with uninterrupted engagement, they also tend to stay in homes and offices for months (sometimes years). Tangible engagement correlates to longevity.

2.  Credibility. Something printed somehow feels more legitimate than something that flutters on a screen. It implies more time, effort, and investment. Plus, it can be picked back up again and again, no chance of losing the email or forgetting the URL.

3. Brand recognition. Printed, branded materials further the aesthetic values of key elements like logos, colors, fonts/slogans, images, and even texture. These all lead to enhanced brand awareness.

Environmental graphics are a great example of this. They bring the brand to life and connect consumers to a space. Whether it’s immersive wallpaper or a thematic storefront, there is no doubt about the brand.

Keep in mind that the engagement should not end with the sales conversion. Not only does point of purchase printing guide customers through their shopping experience, it can also keep them coming back for more.

Technical Targeting

Arizona is home to some top advertising and marketing companies. These agencies rely on commercial printing partners to make advertising campaigns more robust and more interactive.

Namaste arizona commercial printing variable data printing direct marketing mailers artisancolour

Choosing the placement of print ads and pinpointing mailers helps you choose your target market. Use digital algorithms to leverage demographics and data, such as in variable data printing, and you can get in front of the right audience at the right time.

By focusing on customer data, such as contact information and past purchases, marketing campaigns are then more personal, helping the message to stand out from both the digital and mass mailer overload.

Since these targeted print campaigns are data-driven, they are more likely to convert sales.

Economic Imprint

Did you know that printing is primarily a U.S. industry? In a time where many things are manufactured in other countries and imported in, this is important. That means jobs stay here and the industry has a direct impact on both the U.S. and Arizona economies.

“Almost all printing and imaging that is consumed in the United States is produced domestically. Print is so widespread in everyday use that it is ubiquitous as a communications medium and packaging material and also spatially spread across the landscape of the country.” –Print Powers America

ARIZONA Commercial Printing Economics StateCharts PPLooking at Arizona specifically, this data from Print Powers America shows that the print and publishing industry employs nearly 10,000 people and generates more than $1,775,000 in shipments. The Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale metro area is the top producing in the state with nearly 4,000 people employed at 298 establishments.

Many of the jobs are high skills, high tech, and in turn, high paying.

Despite the number of jobs across the state, printing, and publishing companies are also primarily small businesses. The vast majority of companies have under 250 employees – most less than 100 employees.

Arizona commercial printing adds jobs, economic flow, and entrepreneurs that drive our economy.

Community & Commercial Printing

Commercial printing also helps consumers, businesses, and organizations connect to and support local communities.

Community connection is incredibly important to Artisan Colour. As a partner of the Arizona Marketing Association, we offer marketers (and in turn, the clients they represent) marketing solutions by way of inspiration, design, and print campaign execution.

Supporting education within the design community through events like Phoenix Design Week – a week-long series of design events held throughout the Phoenix, AZ area, is good for the creative industries that help businesses in the area. The culmination of the event was a networking celebration and closing party, hosted by Artisan Colour in 2019.

While Artisan Colour clients span the country (and sometimes globe), the headquarters in Scottsdale makes it ideal to provide Arizona commercial printing. Our impressive workshop provides jobs for printing experts, plus allows local clients the opportunity to visit our stunning space and see their projects throughout the process.

Commercial Printing Helps Arizona Become Recognized as a Business Leader

As a contributor to the local economy, we see it as our responsibility to support the community, especially in times of crisis.
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Arizona and personal protective equipment was in short supply, we stepped in to make face shields using our custom routers and sourced materials.

Arizona Commercial Printer helps community with Pride Month Custom Corner Banner

Todd Snyder at the Liquor Store storefront

Our community causes helped give us national recognition, allowing us to in turn, help others. When looting damaged menswear designer Todd Snyder’s store in Tribeca, NY, he turned to us. We helped print a large format banner and shipped it within 24 hours so that a beautiful wall mural could not only cover the damage, but bring the neighborhood together.

Supporting the next generation is an important aspect of building a thriving community. And for Artisan Colour, supporting free music and vocational programs at Solid Rock Teen Centers through the 2019 Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding Fundraiser, was the perfect way we could help.

Enlisting the Pros for Arizona Commercial Printing

While commercial printing may not be right for every project, it can certainly add stunning aesthetics, professionalism and branding to the right projects.

Not sure what to ask when you want to hire an Arizona commercial printer? We’ve got you covered with these four key questions:

  1. Is offset printing or digital printing best for the project?
  2. Which paper will make the project stand out?
  3. What format should your design be in?
  4. How will you see and approve proofs?

AC Ranking AZ plaque

When you’re ready to go pro, consider one of Ranking Arizona’s top Arizona commercial printing companies, Artisan Colour (compared against 50+ printers). The public has spoken and we couldn’t be more honored to be a “Best of Arizona Business”. Contact us today to learn more about our vast commercial printing services. We’re here to help!