Stop shipping products in drab boxes and instead send boxes that also look good as part of a countertop display with custom-branded packaging.

Did you know that more than 50% of consumers say they’ll make additional purchases from a business that uses above-average or premium packaging? It’s true, a customer’s first impression of your business can lie solely on the appearance of your packaging; it’s THAT important!

Artisan Colour has printed beautiful custom boxes for clients in various industries – including beauty care products, food and beverage brands, and more. Each custom box you create presents a new opportunity to promote your brand and make a lasting impression on your customers.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the top three best cardboard countertop display types you can utilize to make your product stand out from your competition and drive sales like never before.

1.  Countertop Display Boxes

Cardboard display box open with beatiful designDisplay packaging has a longer shelf-life—quite literally—than individual product packaging alone. Counter display boxes, pop-up display boxes, and cardboard counter display boxes allow for an eye-catching opportunity to display your brand and products at the point of sale, on shelves, endcaps, countertops, or anywhere in the store where your products are sold.

This type of packaging remains on the shelf until the product is sold out, increasing impressions of your brand and creating a memorable presentation of your product. This longevity, plus the design and appearance of the packaging, will lead retailers to feature your products more prominently in stores, thus increasing sales.

Cardboard countertop display boxes are a popular choice with brands offering larger products that will live primarily on regular store shelves or end caps.

These boxes can serve both as the shipping box for your product, as well as the display box at the retailer.

This dual purpose allows for your logo/brand to have much higher visibility as it moves from the warehouse, to the shipper, and to its final destination. It is also cost-effective, eliminating the need for an extra shipping box, and provides an easy and attractive way to display products in-store.

Because this option allows for larger sizes and shapes, you can also get creative with adding tiers to accommodate vertical retail space and showcase a variety of products in one display.

Jaelei Ohrman Account Executive Artisan Colour

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2.  Pop-Up Display Box

Pop-up display boxes are typically used at the POP (point of purchase).Pop up box display with punchy design

These are smaller and are often placed at the register or other high-traffic areas in a store, making them a great option for promoting small, new, or seasonal products.

These boxes are easily opened and folded into a shape that allows for a sleek presentation of your brand. POP counter displays take up less space which may be important to retailers with smaller storefronts.

3.  Cardboard Counter Display Stands

Cardboard counter stand with clear design

Counter display stands can be used to simply provide information about your business, or even hold business cards, brochures, or other small promotional items.

These displays fit easily on almost every countertop and are ideal to promote your brand, an event, or specific promotion.

While these stands are not ideal to use for products due to their size, they can certainly serve as an effective way to promote brand awareness.

At Artisan Colour, we have the options and experts to help you create an appealing visual representation of your product/brand with a variety of cardboard countertop displays.

Aaron Kilby, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Artisan Colour

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