Printing consistently branded assets at scale is an issue that every enterprise-level business or franchise is challenged with. Supporting multiple locations with ever-changing printing requirements, and maintaining brand consistency across all marketing materials is critical to success.

One important solution to assist your brand in meeting these challenges is to take advantage of an intuitive and well-organized DAM (Digital Asset Management) system. A brand portal allows your team to facilitate, order, and manage your marketing assets while providing a consistent brand image from design to production, all the way through to distributing the final omnichannel marketing product, whether digital or print 

When seeking to incorporate a DAM portal into your workflow, it’s important to find one that provides all of the modern benefits needed to generate throughput with efficiency. Read on to learn about four essential digital asset management features that every brand should demand.

Here are the 4 Digital Asset Management portal features you should demand from your print marketing partner

  1. Intuitive Asset Storage, Organization & Access
  2. Advanced User Permissions
  3. Marketing Collateral Workflows
  4. Storage & Warehousing

Intuitive Asset Storage, Organization & Access

One of the most important aspects of using a web-to-print portal is that it makes it easier for you and your team to store, organize, and access your data, as well as print and distribute your brand collateral.

Some crucial features you’ll want to look out for include:

  • Hierarchical folder structures This will allow your team to create a clear hierarchy of folders and subfolders, making it much easier to find and organize assets.
  • Tagging or categorization systems – to allow for sorting of your entire digital content library.
  • Version controlsto help your organization manage and track changes to digital assets, while maintaining brand consistency.
  • Includes meta-data (automatic preferred)this descriptive information about your digital assets will make content easier to place, retrieve, and identify. 
  • Includes a search functionto help your team locate specific files more efficiently.

Along with intuitive storage and organizational systems, you should also look for a DAM that offers robust search functionality features, including:

  • Keyword filters
  • Meta-data searches
  • Saved Searches

Pro Tip: Maximize Efficiency with an Intuitive GUI

Prioritize a DAM system with a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Visual User Interface to streamline your workflow. An intuitive GUI allows your team to focus on essential tasks with confidence by offering the following capabilities:
1) Straightforward navigation, reduced learning curve.
2) Faster access to materials.
3) Enhanced user experience which reduces errors, and saves time and effort.

Advanced User Permissions

For larger organizations with many different users, advanced user permissions are a feature that can make a huge difference in overall workflow. The ability to determine who can see and access certain files gives your branding team far more control over what is being created and, ultimately, the final product.

To take advantage of advanced user permission capabilities, your portal will need to have:

  1. Role-based access control – This allows your team to restrict who can view, edit, delete, save, and submit print orders.
  2. Granular permissions – Your team will be able to grant access or control files at an asset, folder, or tag level.
  3. Collaborator access – This makes it possible to grant access to collaborators outside of your organization if necessary.
  4. Sharing capabilities – Allows you to share assets with users with the same access levels.

Marketing Collateral Workflows

When it comes to improving marketing collateral workflows, repeatable processes will allow you to produce far more consistent results. DAM solutions should make it easier for you to create and submit your designs for printing, all while allowing for multiple checkpoints along the way.

This workflow involves two major processes: content design and asset printing. In regard to content design, you’ll want to be sure that the system you’re using allows for clear draft versions and feedback notations-anotations, as well as a final approval feature.

For asset printing, look for a system that offers a way to easily submit orders, multiple different printing options, and proofing (if necessary). At the end of the print fulfillment process, the company you work with should also be able to distribute your printed collateral to its final destination.

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Storage & Warehousing

Storage and warehousing are options that aren’t traditionally offered with many brand portals, but they are an invaluable resource for marketing departments where you can bundle print and fulfillment. Choosing to work with a brand printing partner that offers storage and warehousing services offers several unique advantages.

Off-site warehousing of printed materials saves you both time and money, by letting the printer do the storage and shipping. You won’t have to worry about having enough space for your inventory while avoiding the costs associated with storing your own materials 

Furthermore, consider the added convenience of combining your print materials with promotional product fulfillment requirements. By leveraging a warehousing service, you can efficiently store your promotional items, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective distribution of all your branded materials.

Another benefit is that you can print your marketing collateral in bulk (saving on the cost per item) and then “drop-ship” orders as needed. On-demand printing and shipping services will handle the logistics of getting your products where they need to go, so you can shift your focus to other important tasks.

Inventory Management

Streamline Your Process with a Digital Asset Management Portal

For enterprise-level businesses or franchises searching for ways to streamline their marketing processes, an intuitive, organized, and user-friendly digital asset management system is essential.

At Artisan Colour, we can help you easily manage your workflow from start to finish. With our custom online ordering system OrderJet, you can create, track, manage all of your assets in one easy-to-use brand portal.

As your brand marketing solutions provider, we leverage cutting-edge printing technology and provide warehousing space and shipping services. From initial designs to the final delivery, we’ve created a simple process that provides reliable, high-quality results.

Terry Curvin, Technical Sales at Artisan ColourTo learn more about how web to print fulfillment can help streamline your brand marketing strategies, contact Artisan Colour for an OrderJet demo.