When designing décor for a healthcare facility such as a hospital or medical clinic, the ability to clean and sterilize surfaces is at the forefront of decision-making. Art in healthcare facilities is important to help patients and staff feel more at home, but finding a print medium that can be easily cleaned is a challenge. Artisan has found a great solution in the form of ChromaLuxe metal prints! Easy cleaning allows museum-quality artwork to retain its shine, hassle-free.

What is Chromaluxe?

ArtisanHD Fine Art Printing Services ChromaLuxe Images web Art in healthcare facilitiesChromaLuxe is an aluminum photo panel are coated with a custom formulated multi-layer polymer finish. This provides a durable foundation (scratch, fade, fire, and water-resistant) for visually stunning images. Unsurpassed color vibrancy, depth, and resolution make ChromaLuxe the industry standard for professional photographers and artists. ChromaLuxe also has a nonporous surface, which is useful when putting artwork in public spaces.

Why Choose ChromaLuxe Prints?

ChromaLuxe’s archival qualities, image brilliance, and durability set it apart from all other photo print mediums. With the use of dye sublimation (infusing dyes directly into the metal print) ChromaLuxe provides results that are outstandingly clear, vibrant, and well preserved for years to come.

ChromaLuxe (particularly in healthcare facilities) includes the following benefits:

  • Scratch-resistant – The printing process infuses printing dyes into a coating using a combination of heat and pressure, creating a highly durable surface.
  • Fade-resistant – The colors will not fade, even in direct sun exposure. They come with a 65+ year archival rating! Read this fade report testing by a 3rd party.
  • Flame resistant – It’s metal, so there’s nothing to burn!
  • Moisture resistant – Nonporous prints like ChromaLuxe are perfect for humid or tropical climates.
  • Lightweight – Easy to install anywhere! Lightweight aluminum lends itself to easy transportation and greater flexibility when choosing where to hang your photography.
  • Easy to clean – Can be cleaned with regular cloths and ammonia, vinegar, bleach, or any all-purpose cleaner without damaging the print.

Artisan Print ChromaLuxeThe dye sublimation process of infusing dyes directly into the coating provides permanent protection for your artwork. Because ChromaLuxe prints are so durable, you can trust that the prints will keep their quality through years of use in high traffic areas, or place where conditions are less than ideal (high moisture, bright light, etc.).

Custom router cutting and sizing is available up to 8 feet. Various shaping options are also available for custom projects. Find out more on our website.

Vibrant images, durable prints, plus an easy-to-clean substrate make ChromaLuxe a premium choice for art in healthcare facilities.

Can I See an Example of Art in Healthcare Facilities?

It has been well-proven that art can have a direct impact on our mood and wellbeing. Dr. Michael Mersol-Barg at Michigan Reproductive Medicine is an amateur nature photographer. He chose to decorate his clinic with Artisan’s ChromaLuxe prints to turn a sterile and cold medical office into a welcoming environment, full of life.

Dr. Mersol-Barg sees the effect of calming nature photos every day! And with Artisan’s custom sizing available up to 8 feet, the doctor was able to find prints that fit well within the existing design of his clinic.

The aluminum plates used for Chromaluxe prints are extremely durable, eliminating the need for UV glass or acrylic, or even a traditional frame. Avoid the high cost of traditional framing and save hundreds while displaying your prints with a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic.

Learn More About ChromaLuxe Art in Healthcare Facilities

The ability to clean and sanitize surfaces is extremely important when decorating hospitals and medical clinics. Choosing wall décor for its cleanability in addition to its vibrancy and durability can help eliminate the spread of germs in addition to providing patient comfort.

Find out more about our ChromaLuxe prints on our website. Or, check out our healthcare printing solutions for signage and graphics, appointment reminders, patient mailers, and more.