When your goal is to bring a 2D idea to life—before it’s complete—how about using 3D architectural rendering services? That’s the technique Artisan Colour used to enable Gila River Casino’s Wild Horse Pass Hotel to become a living representation—prior to the doors being opened on this new project.

Visual Impact: Large-scale Architectural Rendering Services

Creating excitement around a new building and business expansion is key to early success. Sure, you have press releases and blog posts, as well as social media, newsletters, and even mailed flyers. But what if you could bring that idea to life so others could see it the way it really will be?

That’s the idea behind architectural rendering services.

Gila River Casino understands that, which is why they came to us to help get the word out as soon as possible to generate a buzz.

Architectural Rendering Services for Gila Wild Horses by Artisan Colour

Architectural Displays Showcase Your Project

There’s something exciting and personal about large architectural renderings that can highlight a project. They can show a depth of detail through laser-cut topography and 3D printing of a scale model. Such a display is touchable and highlights a full view of the project, which is easy to share with onsite visitors as well as through images and video.

For a new building, whether a hotel such as at Wild Horse Pass, a hospital, or even an entire planned community, the possibilities for architectural rendering services are practically limitless.

The display can be showcased inside a common area in a building or even transported to a conference or tradeshow. And in today’s social media-oriented world, there’s no doubt that visitors will be taking pictures of the display to share across the internet.

Transforming 2D to 3D

Architectural Rendering Printing overhead shot of new hotelThe process of creating a 3-dimensional model from a 2D design isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. First, the standard architectural rendering is created. In the case of this new hotel, Rami Kalla and his team at Point in Time Studios started the process with a jpeg illustration.

Artisan Colour was asked to transform that into an 8-foot-tall display for the current hotel lobby to market the new hotel, scheduled to open in fall 2021.

Conducting a number of tests that scaled the rendering, we determined that the model would be better suited to 3.5-feet tall  – given space limitations in the lobby.

Creative Partnership: Communication is Key to Great Design

This project was a collaboration among Blake Katsnelson and Erynn May of Gila River Resort and Casinos; Kristiane Trejo, Alan Ludington, and Toby Medley of Artisan Colour; and Rami Kalla and Point in Time Studios. Because of the communication of the creative team (and several iterations of creative ideas), this project came to fruition.

One significant decision was to create the display by printing directly onto ½-inch Ultraboard instead of using a 3D printing process. The Artisan team then added cutouts for windows to display interior light.

The actual hotel tower will feature 11 stories, 205 guest rooms, and 18,000 square feet of indoor meeting space. Ground broke in August 2020 on the $143 million project.

Add Depth to Your Next Project

Gila Wild Horse ProjectNo matter what your next building project is, you can add more interest and excitement by creating a 3D visual. Architectural rendering services provide the perfect solution for a large-scale display that puts people right in the middle of the action.

Hotels, hospitals, corporate headquarters, corporate and academic campus expansions, apartment buildings and condominiums, and new master-planned communities are all perfect reasons to create a stunning 3D display.

Just think of the possibilities for garnering a new audience! All it takes is imagination and a great printer partnership.

Artisan Colour is that partner. Get a glimpse into some of our other projects.