Want to start showing off some of your new marketing materials but worried that they’ll come out dull or off-brand? Our full color printing services at Artisan Colour will help elevate your brand by guiding you to the best custom print options available. Tools like the Spectrophotometer, used in the image above, captures, analyzes, and specifies the color of items, such as material, paper, or plastic- even fabric! – to ensure color consistency throughout the production process.

Get consistent and predictable print results every time with our expert in-house color management and printing.

How Colors Affect Consumer Purchases

  • Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and color check of flowered shirt verses magazine printed page for full color printing services by Artisan Colour90% of that assessment is based on color alone. Source: CCICOLOR – Institute for Color Research
  • Studies indicate that a B&W image holds consumer interest for less than two-thirds of a second, but a colored image holds attention for two seconds or more.
  • Consistent color increases brand recognition by 80%. Source: University of Loyola, Maryland study

Many factors influence how and what consumers buy, but they are generally influenced by visual cues. The strongest and most persuasive visual cue is color, followed by texture. Other factors involve senses beyond sight, but color is easy to update in your marketing material, from sales collateral to signage.

Reduce Returns with Spot-on Color

A major reason for product returns is the product color in a catalog doesn’t match the color of the product that was delivered.

Color Printing Services Artisan Color Check 2 using equipment to check fabric color

Toby Medely, Vice President of Manufacturing, matching color fabric with the Spectrophotometer

It may seem over the top that customers would be upset about a slight difference in colors.  But, if a customer has gone to the trouble of having colors matched to their interior wall color or their complexion and hair color, they could be upset with color differences.

For instance,  the colors that look best on a “winter”, have a blue, or cool hue. If a “winter” receives an orange-based red rather than a blue-based red, they’re disappointed, maybe even angry enough to return the product and potentially never do business with you again.

Top catalog brands like Neiman and Marcus and Sundance have had their furniture and clothing colors ‘captured’ and identified by the Spectrophotometer to ensure accurate product color in their high-end catalogs. It’s one of the few devices that read fabric color and capture it to accurately depict it on catalog pages.

Attracting Buyers & Clients with Good Color Choice

Color is important to all brands- whether it’s Johnny Rockets restaurants or Lexington Law Firm, consistent brand color helps brand recognition and attract clients or increase purchases.

  • Blue, red, and green are universally liked by men and women with blue taking the top spot.
  • Impulse shoppers are most influenced by black, royal blue, and red orange.
  • Budget shoppers are most influenced by navy blue and teal.
  • Traditional shoppers are most influenced by pink, sky blue, and rose.

Bring your Brand Colors to Life with Full Color Printing Services:

  • Sales collateral
  • Direct mail
  • Event and trade show graphics
  • Product photography
  • Print on demand services


Achieve consistent and predictable print results with custom-built color management tools from Artisan Colour. See more of what Artisan has to offer here.

Why Choose Artisan? Color Expertise!

We’re more than printers – we are a color management company. Our color experts at Artisan Colour will make your brand stand out in the crowd. With over 20 years of experience, Artisan’s modern print pexels photo of wheat and lake in the background for Artisan Colour printing services 297648technology will provide your business with the quality printing you need to take it up a notch.

Our industry knowledge, small business attention, and high-quality print products are a dynamic combination that can make all the difference.

As a print shop, Artisan offers large and small format printing, but our capabilities extend beyond print. We also provide pre-press, professional photography, product management, and in-house creative services to make your marketing plan a one-stop project.

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