So you have a few large events or trade shows coming up and you want to stand out from the rest but need to do it on a budget? You have your wishlist – now can you get what you want for the right price? We’ll cover 3 tips to reduce your trade show display costs.

Tip 1: Cost-Effective Booth Design

There are three elements to a cost-effective booth design: reusability, portability, and flexibility. To get the most out of your booth budget, make sure the booth you consider accounts for these three factors.

  • Reusable – The more you use your trade show or event booth, the more value you’re getting for your money. Avoid event or date-specific signage, use durable materials and printing, and focus on the simplicity of your brand.
  • Portable – Even if your trade show booth is reusable, if it’s heavy and difficult to set up, you’re less likely to use it. Make sure the booth can be disassembled into pieces that can fit together well and are light enough to carry.
  • Flexible – Use a booth or exhibit area that can be effective at different sizes in different environments. Choose things like expandable or segmented pop-up displays that can accommodate different booth configurations if needed

Tip 2: Use A Print Shop That Can Do It All

A full-service print shop will offer a wider variety of printing options while also providing consulting on key design and logistical aspects.

A full-service print shop can print everything you need for a trade show:

  • Pop-up displays & backgrounds
  • Indoor + Outdoor Hanging Banners
  • Retractable Banners (Stands)
  • Step & Repeat Banners (Video & Photo Backdrop)
  • Outdoor Banner Flags
  • Table covers and cloths
  • Branded umbrellas and canopies
  • Directional Signage
  • Indoor + Outdoor Sign Stands
  • Metal, Acrylic, Wood, Foam Board, Plastic, etc.
  • Promotional products
  • Pamphlets & information cards
  • Business cards

When you use just one company you can deal with just one vendor and get the benefit of reduced cost overall. At Artisan Colour, we can design, print and produce all of your tradeshow printing needs. Your assigned account executive will work closely with our in-house graphic designers and print specialists to ensure that your branding visions are always in sync.

Tip 3: Use Dual Purpose Trade Show Signage

The backdrop to your trade show booth or event space will do a lot to attract a passerby, so this normally isn’t a place where it makes sense to skimp extra savings. However, there’s an opportunity to get the most out of your backdrop budget by printing multi-purpose banners to hang behind you. These banners can be used additionally for things like:

  • Outdoor signage
  • Retractable indoor signage
  • Office decor & signage
  • Video & photo backdrops

Trade Shows, Events, And So Much More With Artisan

As a full-service commercial printer with decades of experience, we can help you with the big and small things you may need for your next trade show or marketing initiative. Spice up your trade shows or events with Sales Collateral, Point Of Purchase Displays, and Custom Packaging. This is a crucial step in showcasing your brand as this is essentially the last impression that your customers will be walking away with.

Now that you know how to save a little budget on a trade show display – let’s get started! We want to hear about your upcoming projects, trade shows, or events. We are here to help! Get in touch with us: Call Local:(480) 948-0009 Toll-Free: (877) 948-0009 or email us at