Here at Artisan Colour, we are always looking to expand our services and utilize our state of the art printing equipment to its full capacity. We’re best known for offering large and small format commercial printing services. Such as signage, wall and window graphics, banners, small format marketing collateral, and more. Within the last few years, we’ve been looking more-so into getting our products directly into the consumer’s hands. We started this movement by offering photographers and artists a chance to print their very own artwork utilizing our high-end equipment. ArtisanHD was born, also offering artists large selections of unique and high-quality printing products and materials to choose from. This idea took off more than we could have ever imagined. We knew that we were on to something. Our next big move was to offer our consumers the print from phone capability.

Print from phone concept: The SpiffySquare App was born

As society continued to move more into the age of technology – the services that we could provide expanded, as well. As a printing facility ourselves, we understand and have expressed the importance of standing behind the print movement. In today’s day and age, our cell phones have the ability to store thousands of photos, collected over the years. But what exactly do we end up doing with all of them?

There is something really special about printing out your fondest memories and we wanted to make it easy for consumers to do so. Thus, the idea of SpiffySquare was born, an easy print from phone app!

print from phone spiffysquare app artisancolour


A “SpiffySquare” is a true photographic 9″x9″ photo print securely mounted to optical grade plexiglass acrylic (stand included). This high-quality frameless design is sleek, modern and also offers true protection to your prints. It is designed to be the absolute perfect gift for any occasion and looks great on desks, bookshelves, entertainment units or wherever else your heart pleases!

Print From Phone Photo Card SpiffySquare ArtisanColour

Creating your very own SpiffySquare, utilizing the app that we developed in-house, is so simple. Begin by downloading the SpiffySquare App to your cell phone (available for Android and iOS users). Select your favorite photo directly from your phones photo gallery. Customize your very own matching card, or select from various pre-set holiday and/or celebration prompts.

Finish the entire process off by adding a final touch of personalization – signing the card directly with your very own finger! Within only 3-5 days, your unique custom gift will arrive at its destination.

SpiffySquare on ABC15 – Sonoran Living

Abc15 SpiffySquare Print From Phone Photo App ArtisanColour

We recently had the opportunity to showcase our product on live TV. A local news station here in Arizona, ABC15, on the Sonoran Living show.

The segment catered around the perfect “Holiday Gift Guide” for 2018. This segment also re-airs on 12/21 at 9 am. If you’re unable to tune in, we’ve also supplied the video clip from the show, below!


Create your own custom gift that will last a lifetime.

Get started by downloading the SpiffySquare App now! Learn more here or follow SpiffySquare on Facebook and Instagram.