Embracing Color Management is key when it comes to improving your catalog. Today’s consumers expect products to be visually accurate across any and all platforms. From print and digital to retail – our team of print color professionals are here to help guide you!

Why Perfect Color Matters

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With our years of experience in the printing and catalog industry, we’ve noticed that one of the biggest factors in a customers purchasing decision comes down to an important variable: color. We believe that color should never just be “close enough”, it needs to be exact to minimize potential customer returns.

The same goes for your catalog’s product images, as well. It’s important to ensure color accuracy and avoid any minimal flaws all around. These minimal details, as small as they are, could potentially derail customers from making a purchase.

*Artisan Colour also offers professional in-house photography. This is especially beneficial for our catalog clients, as our color correction experts, photographers, and print professionals are all located under one roof. This accessibility allows for an ideal finished product with perfect color, every time.  

Prepress & Proofing

artisan colour print color retouchingPrepress is the process of correcting the original photography images to ensure that the print color is accurate. Retouching the photos to enhance the product’s appearance, as well as prepping all of the files for the printing process.

The print color process uses four specific ink colors to recreate images (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), commonly known as “CMYK”. Computers, TV’s and digital cameras use three colors (Red, Green, and Blue), referred to as “RGB”. With these two color spaces being so different, the colors in your photos don’t always translate consistently between the two.

Thus, color correction or “prepress” is generally required (and encouraged) to adjust for these color differences for the best possible outcome.

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Print Color Experts Since 1998

With over 20 years in the business, many distinguished catalog retailers have trusted in our company to produce their catalogs with our confident execution and detailed work. Such as Sundance, PrAna, Williams Sonoma, and Journeys – just to name a few!

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