Business strategy can get sidelined in a face-paced environment, especially when setting a vision, building client relationships, and dealing with daily organizational issues. Artisan Colour continues to advance its marketing solution capabilities, particularly when it comes to digital printing strategy with the promotion of Mitch Craghead to Senior Vice President of Operations.

“Mitch is intelligent, experienced and process driven while bringing tremendous energy to our organization. With Mitch on board, we’ve positioned Artisan with a proven leader who can solely focus on the broad view of developing and implementing a multi-year strategic plan that embraces relevance, growth and sustainability.” -Doug Bondon, President & CEO

The Future of Artisan: Using Tech to Enhance Brand Integrity, Printing, Packaging & Prototyping

Digital Printing Strategy Through the Years

Mitch joined Artisan with over 30 years of leadership and digital printing experience.

Printing found Mitch at an early age. His father worked for a magazine printer and would bring home layouts and proofs to review. Mitch was intrigued and learned about the business. Somehow he knew that’s where his future would lead.

Mitch Craghead Reviews Digital Printing Workflow

He started working in business development right out of high school as a manager for Inventory Auditors, Inc. His focus was on recruiting talent, mentoring, managing, forecasting, and driving profits. It is here he learned everything he needed to start his own printing company.

Mitch founded Printing Management Group, Inc. on the pillars of being environmentally friendly while offering creative services and unique printing equipment. So unique, in fact, that 20 years later a vendor partner offered him a deal to purchase his equipment and hire him as an account director. It’s in this role that Mitch refined his research, design, and workflow strategy chops.

Mitch’s Vision for Artisan Colour

As the Senior Vice President of Operations, Mitch is responsible for identifying opportunities. This is intentionally broad, as it covers everything from opportunities for staff to improve their work environment, to opportunities to bring in cutting-edge, sustainable equipment.

All with the goal of increasing growth and profitability strategically.Mitch Reviews Work Process Efficiences with Artisan

“My goal is to help develop a roadmap for Artisan’s continued success and agility through innovative, scalable and sustainable business practices.” -Mitch Craghead, SVP of Operations

People don’t like change, even if they will gain from it. So Mitch wants to be an agent of change. He is dedicated to showing the Artisans how strategic change and efficiencies benefit not just the company and the bottom line, but also improve each individual’s job satisfaction.

Leading by Example

Mitch has dived into his expanded role, meeting with employees one-on-one to identify ways to improve efficiencies in their jobs. This could mean making their office more ergonomic or implementing new technologies that will streamline workflow.

Director of Strategy Reviews Digital Printer

The streamline process extends to the high-tech digital printers that Artisan utilizes every day. It’s Mitch’s goal to review how these machines are operating and when it may be time to phase out older equipment for printers that help differentiate Artisan’s capabilities, plus greener gear.

In fact, focusing on sustainable, chemical-free printing is a passion for Mitch. He implemented this philosophy in his own business and is eager to build it up at Artisan. “I believe we can print at the highest quality, with the best service, and not hurt the planet,” Mitch says.

What attracted Mitch to Artisan Colour was its open-minded and creative approach to developing and nurturing a healthy company culture. He looks forward to growing that culture as he helps push Artisan to be a top digital printing solution for companies, artists and consumers.

Updated 1.13.21