A professional printing shop can produce clear, vibrant work for you — however, not all products are meant to be disseminated. For this very reason, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, was passed in 1996. Any business printing patient healthcare information like bills, notices, Explanation of Healthcare Benefits (EOB) or Coverage (EOC) needs to follow HIPAA guidelines.

Why Printing Shops Should be HIPAA Certified & Compliant

HIPAA certified compliance is one of the best ways companies can maintain security and best printing practices. Companies maintain HIPAA compliance through the:

  • HIPAA Security Rule
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • HIPAA Breach Notification Rule

Protected health information (PHI) is secured through a combination of physical, technical and administrative safeguards. This also Doctor holding sign for privacy for HIPAA compliance blog post for professional printing with Artisan Colourincludes implementation of secure access points and workstations, as well as strict policies and procedures. By following these safeguards, the certified printing shop you hire will be trusted to not only produce quality work for you, but also keep your PHI protected.

Technology advancements in printing have been fantastic lately, but the newest and greatest high quality printers may pose greater risks for hackers. That means your printing shop should also have a strong IT department and cybersecurity measures in place.

Technology aside, simple things are just as relevant to patient privacy and HIPAA guidelines, like picking up PHI immediately after it is printed instead of leaving it in the printer tray. Printing best practices like this can leave you feeling secure with the professional printing shop you choose to trust your data and information with.

Best Internal Professional Printing Practices

Companies are not required to get HIPAA certified, however, they are required to be aware of and comply with HIPAA. Choosing a professional printing company with HIPAA certification means your data is secure, streamlined and managed with top-of-the-line industry HIPAA Compliant Printingstandards. It ensures the printing shop is willing to act on its values and beliefs in maintaining best printing practices.

In this booming age of technology, it is imperative to protect your company and your data. Because certification is not mandatory, a HIPAA certification ensures your company is not only aware of HIPAA but is prepared, professional and compliant.

HealthCare Printing Partner

Partnering with hospitals, medical and dental practices as well as chiropractic and physical therapy practices is an important responsibility and one that Artisan Colour takes seriously. Bringing creative solutions as we did for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, allows us to solve their printing challenges while helping these vital organizations that serve our community.

When local hospital Banner Health came to us to help them with their fundraising event, Artisan Colour donated the custom banners and graphics for their gala – which was a huge success, raising $1.15 million. See the amazing results here!