Is your brand marketing really that important? YES!

Your company brand or “the face of your company” and how you choose to market it, could be of your most valuable assets. It offers the ability to showcase and represent your business’s identity, culture, and overall company values. Methodically planning out your brand marketing with your target audience in mind will also increase your chances of being able to connect with potential clients through your branding message. The message you’re trying to convey is also very important because it is the first initial impression that a potential buyer or partner will have with your company’s brand.

It can be a bit overwhelming starting out as a new company or going through a redesign process. Most struggle with not knowing where to begin—that’s where we come in. At Artisan Colour, we strive to be with you every step of the way as you work towards building your company’s brand. Our print shop offers large and small format printing, pre-press, product management, professional photography, and graphic design services. Having all of your printing and design solutions produced in one place makes for a more overall cohesive branding experience for your clients.

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Modern Acupuncture Coming Soon Custom Window Wrap

2017 Modern Acupuncture Window Wraps Printed by Artisan

Last year, Artisan Colour was proud to produce a wide variety of marketing materials and large format print work for Modern Acupuncture—which included custom window wraps, banners, vehicle wraps, sales collateral, and much more.

This up and coming company has been flourishing since opening only a short two years ago. And now with almost 30 clinics nationwide—Matt Hale, CEO of Modern Acupuncture, decided it was time for a bold change.

Once again, we had the opportunity to work closely with Modern Acupuncture during their redesign process. Our talented in-house graphic designers worked hand in hand with each retail location on design concepts while remaining true to the original brand movement created by StrawberryFrog. Once the retail brand redesign concepts were solidified—it was off to our printers.

“That’s what is behind our new movement: “Lets Tingle.”  It’s time to propel acupuncture into the 21st century mindset. Modern Acupuncture is more than just health, more than a feeling of relief, and more than the rejuvenation of beauty. It’s a state of well-being. Let’s Tingle is our movement to make an impact on as many people as possible.”

– Matt Hale, CEO of Modern Acupuncture

Our services that were utilized during the redesign:


Using Artisan Colour’s design and printing services to its full potential ensured Modern Acupuncture’s rebranding launch on October 1st, 2018 was prompt, clean, and successful. And the end result was nothing short of bold and vibrant!

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Artisan Colour is a proud award-winning commercial printer located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Utilizing our state of the art print technology and 20 years of professional experience in the print industry, we’re able to provide your business with the quality digital print services needed to represent your brand.

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