Mr. Maines Named Director of Wide Format Printing

Artisan Colour President & Co-Founder Doug Bondon is thrilled to announce the appointment of Scott Maines to the leadership team as Director of Wide Format Printing.

“Mr. Maines brings extensive print experience and industry knowledge to our organization,” states Doug Bondon, Artisan Colour President & Co-Founder. “His focus will be on personnel development, training, print quality, MIS analytics, and lean manufacturing processes.”

Scott Maines brings with him three decades of experience in the printing industry, starting when he was just 16 years old sweeping floors. He worked his way up, learning as much as he could about the business and eventually traveling the country teaching others how to use printing equipment.

“It’s fun to watch growth,” commented Scott Maines. “That’s what I’m excited about.”

Increasing Efficiencies and Meeting Client Goals

As Director of Wide Format Printing, Mr. Maines is also excited to increase efficiencies and lead the team within that division. Specifically, he plans to provide training to help his team improve their craft, then encourage them to run their areas. “I want to pour energy into our youth here and serve as their mentor,” says Mr. Maines. “I hope someday they can take my job.”

The goal of the Artisan Colour wide format division is to provide the resources each client needs to surpass their goals. The role of Mr. Maines and his team is to discern the unique needs of different clients and how they use wide-format printing. For instance, the requirements of State Farm Stadium signage are much different than wall murals for restaurants and hospitals – all of which Artisan proudly produces.

Artisan Colour has always been forward-thinking – from innovative technology integration to top-of-the-line printing equipment – and is confident Scott Maines will continue to drive the Scottsdale, AZ, business forward as the new director of wide format printing.

“I’m 80% comfortable and 20% terrified – that’s how you grow! If you stay 100% comfortable, it’ stalls the efforts to stretch yourself to get better at what you do.”

-Scott Maines, Director of Wide Format Printing