On April 2nd, 2018, Artisan Colour celebrated its 20th Anniversary of providing perfect color in Scottsdale. To understand where we came from, here is a brief history of Artisan Colour.

Artisan Colour Past to Present

Artisan Colour began as a catalog production company in 1998. For its first five years, Artisan built a reputation as one of the top print catalog production and color management companies in the nation, winning retail catalog clients such as Neiman Marcus, Chico’s, Patagonia, and Sundance. Artisan Colour has since added other nationally recognizable brands including PrAna, White House/Black Market, and Bergdorf Goodman.

In 2005, Artisan Colour moved to a 36,000 square foot building in North Scottsdale. The company absorbed a large format printing company, expanding into a state-of-the-art print production facility. In 2011, ArtisanHD was launched as Artisan’s first direct-to-consumer printing resource.

Artisan History Timeline: A 20 Year Legacy of Providing Perfect Color Printing Services

The Future of Artisan—Perfect Color + Print Nationwide

And Artisan continues to grow and expand, offering more printing services to our clients! As one-stop print solution for local and national clients, Artisan can do everything from graphic design to product photography to custom printing.

Our commercial printing company currently employs a team of over 65 industry professionals dedicated to providing clients of any size with perfect color management, professional studio photography, in-house creative services, and quality print productsLet us know what we can do for you!

More than printing. We’re Artisan.