Artisan Colour has been in the catalog printing business for over 20 years, now. With services including color correction, image retouching, product photography, and of course print. So you’re wondering. Is there really a difference between an Artisan catalog and a magazine? The answer is yes. The two can (and do) peacefully co-exist in the print world, today. But first, it is beneficial to understand what exactly each of them is used for and why.

What is the purpose of a catalog?

Catalogs visually showcase a collection of products for sale (typically from one company) targeting a specific audience. The booklets will also include minimal marketing copy, pricing, and ordering processes. Most companies have strategically designed their catalogs to push the audience to complete their purchases either online or in-store. In today’s digital age, catalog printing is still relevant, here’s why. 

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There is an importance for your business to invest in working with a professional photo studio when creating your catalog. As mentioned, enticing visuals of the products (such as clothing, jewelry, home decor, etc.) will fill the majority of the pages. These photos will essentially be the backbone of your catalog and will need to grab the readers attention right away.

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Are you new to the catalog printing industry? One of our Artisan catalog experts has put together a thorough step by step article on “How To Make A Catalog in 10 Steps.” to make the ‘getting started’ process more simple!

What is the purpose of a magazine?

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Magazines, however, contain a plethora of information surrounding one certain area of interest. Example: Fashion, Home Design, etc. The pages are also often supported by advertisements which have been purchased individually by various organizations. The goal is usually to sell something to your readers, which can be bought from each of those organizations independently. However, the editorial content generally heavily outweighs the advertisement space.

Bottom line when it comes to comparing catalogs to magazines: One is designed more so for editorial purposes, containing lengthy articles from diverse writers. The other with a goal to increase overall sales by highlighting the products visually and pushing their audience to make online purchases.

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