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TEDx Events at
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Modern Stage Design for Events: How Graphics Enhanced the Tedx Experience

When organizing a dynamic event, print marketing and corporate stage design are crucial elements in the planning process that cannot be overlooked. Event printing is proven to increase brand exposure and credibility, as well as customer engagement and while enhancing the overall experience for your attendees.

In April 2022, Grand Canyon University hosted its 6th TEDx event. This event is completely planned, organized, and executed by GCU students. The platform affords students the opportunity to gain worthwhile real-life experiences, develop relevant skills, discover passions, and build an event that brings together the GCU population and the Phoenix community.

Artisan Colour, a marketing solutions provider, is proud of its partnership with GCU, which includes providing event printing and graphics for TEDx events in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

The TEDx custom event signage combined with the tangible take-aways printed for participants by Artisan transformed the event from an in-the-moment experience to one that they will remember for a lifetime.

Print Services Provided:

Stage Design That Wows

High quality stage design is a must for events with personality that captures your audiences attention. Stage graphics bring the theme to life, establishes the mood, and conveys brand professionalism.

Since TEDx Grand Canyon University is hosted on campus, it must reflect the University’s brand while upholding the well-known TED brand, spirit, and mission. And therefore, organizing a TEDx event comes with some unique needs and requirements for stage design and event printing.

3-D Stage Design for Events

At every TEDx event, the stage is required to showcase an official TEDx logo with the event name. Ideally, it should be a stand-up 3-D logo that is impressive in size and easily visible. Personalized badges with the TEDx logo and attendees’ names are also a signature of TEDx events.

The TEDx logo appears all around the event and must be produced accurately and consistently, making precise color matching essential. TEDx recommends printing with Pantone spot colors to faithfully reproduce “TED red” (Pantone 485).

Artisan Colour’s event printing services easily accommodated these needs. Artisan created the extra-large 3-D TEDx stage graphics for GCU’s events. Variable printing capabilities increased efficiency for printing large volumes of personalized event badges with individual attendee and speakers’ names.

Using the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) on the HP Indigo 7K, Artisan faithfully reproduced TED’s signature red color across all stage design and printed event materials.

Using Event Graphics That Elevate Your Branding

Creatively designed event graphics are essential to convey branding, create flow, and help attendees navigate and enjoy the event. For the TEDx Grand Canyon University event, Artisan Colour provided custom event signage consistent with TED and GCU branding.

Event signage examples produced for TEDx GCU include: way-finding signs and directional floor graphics (both inside and outside), wall signs, large banners, free-standing signs and flags, as well as the extra-large TEDx stage logo, and colorful 3-D graphics.

Event Collateral: Stickers and Programs

Events with tastefully designed collateral materials appear more professional and organized to attendees. Plus, event collateral is a tangible way for guests to meet and interact with the event. For the hosting organization and sponsors, invitations, brochures, agenda schedules, notepads, business cards, flyers, and promotional items, establish brand identity, solidify the event theme, and amplify messaging. The impact of event marketing is undeniable – 74% of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product, or service being promoted after the event.

For TEDx Grand Canyon University, Artisan donated the full scope of print materials and graphics required to pull off a dynamic experience. For an event with multiple speakers and activities like TEDx, the printed event program is essential to help attendees navigate the event, plan their time at the event, and provide information about the organization, speakers, etc.


Immersive Components of All Sizes

A great way to boost audience engagement at events is to introduce immersive and interactive components. These unique elements from printing to graphics to promotional items, give your event its personality and encourage conversation between attendees. This was significant for the TEDx Grand Canyon University event to exemplify TED’s slogan “ideas worth spreading.”

Artisan printed conversation cards for GCU’s TEDx event that included questions like, “You have your own late-night talk show– who do you invite as your first guest?” Artisan also printed a stand-out XL interactive puzzle assembled by event attendees that pictured the Grand Canyon. These immersive components brought attendees together and made the event uniquely engaging, interactive, and enjoyable.

TEDx Grand Canyon University has grown to become Phoenix’s largest TEDx event thanks to the partnership and dedication of GCU students and our Artisans, who together, brainstorm creative ideas for stage graphics, design event banners and signs, and put together a memorable event collateral checklist that continues to make raving fans of attendees!

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