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prAna Catalogs

Gorgeous Catalogs that Increase Sales

Partnering with sustainable clothing company prAna for more than 10 years, Artisan Colour helps create 10 visually captivating catalogs per year. From photo retouching services to color management, and anything in between, we strive to be a complete catalog printing solution.

And the partnership has been successful. From 2010 to 2013, prAna grew more than 30% annually. After being acquired by Columbia Sportswear, the growth continued. In 2018 prAna’s annual revenue was $157 million – a 21% jump above revenue in 2017.

Our Clients Say it Best

Our decades of catalog printing and color management experience, along with our collaborative workflow, drive this success with prAna.

Prana Holiday Catalog 19

“Artisan does all of the color for our catalogs. We print 10 catalogs a year so I’m working with them throughout the year with the schedule and details of the catalog and mostly color. They are the experts and that’s why we’re willing to go from Southern California to Arizona to work with them.

Artisan has impeccable attention to detail. They also have just so much experience and I trust their eyes. I trust that I’m going to end up with a good product because I have them on my team.”

KathyHansenKathy Hansen, Senior Graphic Designer, prAna

Photography and Photo Retouching Services

Once the initial catalog photography is complete, the prepress begins. That means precise color management and retouching services. Whether it’s removing wrinkles from a dress or brightening up a background to better highlight the products, we work with prAna graphic designers to achieve their overall vision.

Sometimes fabrics and product details change. With the Artisan Colour on-site photography studio, we can recreate the lighting and layout of the original photo shoot, capture the updated product, and seamlessly place it into the catalog image. This creative workflow saves time and cost – no talent to re-hire or locations to re-secure.

Modern Acupuncture Franchise Map Sept 2018

High Tech Tools That Increase Color Management

While our eyes definitely benefit from our decades of training, we also rely on high tech tools to ensure exact color management, especially from digital RGB colors to the print CMYK spectrum. A spectrophotometer placed directly on the product or fabric reads the exact color and translates it the digital world. All of our equipment is color calibrated, and we share this calibration data with our clients to ensure what we see is what they see.

Efficient Catalog Proofing with OmniProof

Catalog proofing is made much more efficient through our proprietary OmniProof application. PrAna is able to review catalog proofs from a computer or tablet, add notes, and approve in real time. This drastically cuts down on travel time and proof printing and shipping costs.

Perfect color representation on the page means fewer expensive returns with happier, more loyal customers.

Best Collateral AMA Spectrum Award 2018
Modern Acupuncture Franchise Map Sept 2018

From Printed Page to Store Display

prAna is one of many clients to take advantage of Artisan Colour’s full commercial printing services. When the clothing company made the leap from catalog only to adding brick and mortar stores, it called on Artisan to help create stunning store displays. Signage, window decals and postcards were an extension of the catalog and maintained brand colors and consistency across the board.

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