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Musso & Frank Grill Remodel

Where History Meets Fine Art

The famed Musso & Frank Grill in Hollywood is known for its exclusive private room and famous patrons like Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jimmy Stewart. In fact, it’s such a mainstay in tinsel town that it is the only restaurant to have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

To help renovate this storied establishment, architectural designer Irwin Miller enlisted the collaboration and printing expertise of Artisan Colour after his online research pointed to ArtisanHD’s large format print capabilities. A 45-minute consultation was all it took for Miller to be convinced that Artisan boasted the capabilities to excel with the size and quality the high-profile project demand.

Together, the team harmonized their visions and created restaurant wall murals that match the stunning and sophisticated spectacle of this Hollywood hangout.

Restaurant Wall Murals That Transport Diners

To illustrate a rich and colorful history dating back over a century, the restaurant turned to world renowned architectural firm Gensler with Principal and Design Director Irwin Miller at the helm. Miller was already amidst designing new dining spaces for the restaurant, so the project evolution came naturally.

The new dining room and private wine room were to be adorned with a series of eight restaurant wall murals, printed on canvas and installed along the upper walls. Since the long-standing owners of the restaurant proudly boasted Italian heritage, the design focused on Tuscan hillsides, with a special spotlight on the Palio di Siena in the wine room. This historic horse race takes place annually in Siena, Italy since 1950, transforming a piazza into a racetrack.

The extra large restaurant wall murals in the dining room feature an immersive panorama of Italian hillsides – a nod to Musso & Frank’s heritage.

Print Services Provided:

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Modern Processes for Historic Preservation

This project started in March 2021 amid the COVID pandemic, so what could have traditionally been painted on-site by an artist was re-directed to a digital process. Miller’s firm harnessed the power of modern technology to digitally paint the canvas murals using Procreate on an iPad.

Both Miller and Artisan knew the success of the project hinged on the file preparation and allowed for work needed on the front end to produce high-definition prints. When the proper print files were ready, Artisan printed them full scale on canvas with archival links.

With so many intricacies and emphasis on quality, Artisan created test prints and remained in constant communication with the Gensler team and restaurant managers on-site to ensure the prints were delivered and approved within the total renovation schedule.

Complete Print and Project Management

Once the test prints were approved, Artisan got to work on the final archival matte canvas prints. It was at this time that Miller retired from Gensler. Contacts and the project track changed (four times). However, what could have thrown a wrench in the plan was handled seamlessly by both the Artisan and Gensler teams.

With final prints in hand, Artisan also coordinated the shipping and the installation processes. Similar to installing wall coverings, the business wall murals were hung, finished, and applied much like wallpaper by on-site professionals.

In November 2021, family owners of The Musso & Frank Grill beamed as they cut the red ribbon, welcoming the public to enjoy the new dining rooms.

Musso and Frank Before and After
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