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Artisan Colour Provides Pain Free Franchise Printing & Fulfillment to Modern Acupuncture

The founding partners of Modern Acupuncture had enjoyed working with Artisan on a periodic basis while working at The Joint Chiropractic (TJC) for campaign roll outs because Artisan Colour is local and can produce high quality items very quickly with amazing customer service. So when they started Modern Acupuncture, they immediately reached out to leverage Artisan’s wide variety of creative, printing, and print fulfillment capabilities.

Modern Acupuncture Small Format Printed Sales Collateral Spread

The team at Artisan Colour is amazing to work with on so many levels. From client services to creative insight—we always feel like we have a partner every step of the way. They’ve exceeded our expectations on special projects and always seem to find a solution no matter what we are trying to accomplish. They constantly go above and beyond in customer service and client satisfaction and I highly recommend their team.

Lindsay St.Clair, Director of Marketing for Modern AcupunctureLindsay St.Clair, Director of Marketing, Modern Acupuncture

Artisan Colour Assists in Launching First National Campaign: Let’s Tingle

This up and coming company has been flourishing since opening in 2016. And now with almost 50 clinics nationwide—Matt Hale, CEO of Modern Acupuncture, decided it was time for a bold change. Once again, Artisan worked closely with Modern Acupuncture during their redesign process.

Our talented in-house graphic designers worked hand in hand with each retail location on design concepts that remained true to the original brand movement created by StrawberryFrog. Once the retail brand redesign concepts were solidified—it was off to our printers.

Using Artisan Colour’s creative and printing services to its full potential ensured Modern Acupuncture’s rebranding launch on Oct. 1st, 2018 was prompt, clean, and successful.

And the end result was nothing short of bold and vibrant!

Modern Acupuncture Original Branding

Best Collateral AMA Spectrum Award 2018

Best Collateral 2018 AMA Phoenix Spectrum Award Winner

Artisan Colour won Best Collateral at the 2018 AMA Phoenix Spectrum Awards for the sales and marketing collateral we’ve printed for Modern Acupuncture clinic point of purchase displays.

Pain Free Print Fulfillment to Franchises Nationwide

Artisan Colour’s experienced staff, wide variety of print services, 36,000 sq. ft. print shop, warehousing & shipping department, and full-size delivery van make print fulfillment a breeze to Modern Acupuncture’s many local and national franchise locations.

Modern Acupuncture Franchise Map Sept 2018

Artisan provides a personal experience to each of our franchisees to ensure the highest quality products in a timely manner. Your corporate printing company is also amazing to work with from the franchisor perspective, providing a printing and sourcing expertise that allows us to offer great promotional items at a good price, without having to stock years of inventory.

We would recommend working with Artisan Colour if you want a vendor partner that is flexible, responsive, has quick turnaround time, great customer service, and provides creative ideas on how to make your print items stand out.

Shannon Ackley, Director of Operations at Modern AcupunctureShannon Ackley, Director of Operations, Modern Acupuncture


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