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Signage that Welcomes New Clients to Law Firm

Artisan Colour has worked with Lexington Law to develop branding assets for its Phoenix office location since 2014. With creative use of wall space, Artisan Colour created bright signs and messaging that established the mission and credibility of the law firm to clients and prospective clients.

Lexington Law is a large, national law firm that specializes in credit repair services. As a result, the law firm brings in a fair amount of clients who are visiting for the first time at their new downtown Phoenix office. New visitors needed to be guided to the office location (via signs on the outer street doors and a sign on the front desk). During their visits, the mission statement and values of the law firm are displayed via a wall wrap, plexiglass and UltraBoard signage. The branding – and the company culture’s message – help to establish credibility and affirm a positive brand identity to prospective clients.

Aaron and the team at Artisan have been great to work with since opening our sites in Phoenix. From delivering quality products on a budget to full creative control, Aaron and Co. have exceeded my expectations and helped to create meaningful workplace for our employees.

Greg Moye, Sr. Director - Customer Experience, Lexington Law Firm


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