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Gila River Resorts & Casinos

Point of Sale Marketing that Pops

A secret to Gila River Resorts & Casinos’ marketing success is in the upsell experience, which relies heavily on point of sale marketing (POS) that is continually rebranded and refreshed monthly at their locations. Sometimes this includes comprehensive casino advertising, other times it focuses on individual elements such as escalator branding, floor standees, seasonal pool updates, menus and more.

This type of in-store marketing campaign is an effective and impactful way of increasing customer spend-per-visit within a retail environment.


Location, location, location.

To ensure the best ROI, the Gila River’s marketing team identifies key customer pass through areas for POS, specifically around slot machines and dining outlets. Here, the expertly printed stand-up signage and wall graphics grab visitors attention at these crucial points during their buying cycle.

By placing highly compelling product promotions in highly visible areas, Gila River Resorts & Casinos maximizes the environments’ merchandising potential — boosting sales.

Print Services Provided:

Professional Printing Services that Span Multiple Locations

Artisan Colour has been partnering with Gila River Resorts & Casinos since 2018. Our professional printing partnership expanded very quickly to include all the of the Gila River casinos: Wild Horse Pass, Vee Quiva, and Lone Butte.

Through a variety of campaigns across all three properties, Artisan supports Gila River Resorts & Casino’s creative concepts for both the front-of-house client-facing areas, as well as the back-of-house employee areas.

As a specialty marketing solutions provider, Artisan helps this hospitality organization capture customer attention, cultivate engagement, increase sales, and spotlight positive company culture.


Harnessing Technology to Drive Sales

When Gila River Gaming Enterprises (GRGE) was getting ready to expand Wild Horse Pass, it wanted to make the most of marketing opportunities within that existing property. To do this, Artisan worked with the architecture studio’s 2D renderings to create a 3D exhibit for the lobby area.

The expansive 3.5 foot-tall representation was printed directly onto Ultraboard, then a digital router die cut the windows to display interior light.

All visitors to Wild Horse Pass could see the scaled representation of the 11 stories, 205 guest rooms, and 18,000 square feet of indoor meeting space that was planned enabling an energetic buzz leading up to the expansion’s opening.


Small but Mighty Custom Printing Services

While wide format wall wraps and elevator graphics make a big impression, often it’s the small format printing that provides the greatest customer engagement.

Within the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is dependent on such items as directional signage and menus to make the customer experience exceptional to the point that they wish to return repeatedly.

With the popularity of QR codes comes even more opportunity for specialty marketing; integrating print with digital drives traffic to targeted websites and apps. Artisan is a key partner in Gila River Gaming Enterprises ability to take full advantage of these additional customer facing opportunities.

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