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Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions

High-End Luxury Brand Marketing Collateral: Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions

When it comes to high-end collector cars, Barrett-Jackson knows how to put on a show. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Barrett-Jackson brand is known for hosting “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions”.

Barrett Jackson

Barrett-Jackson, like most luxury brands, is well-established, widely known, and associated with a superior level of quality and service. Marketing higher-end products and luxury events requires exceptional printing services to consistently uphold brand standards and actively engage customers. Additionally, because Artisan is local to Scottsdale, we were able to work directly with Barret Jackson’s team to produce world-class print marketing collateral.

Print Services Provided:

  • Branded save-the-date cards and envelopes

  • Scan to Vote Stickers (with QR codes)

  • Bidder Cards Checklist

  • All Access Passes

  • Sold Stickers

  • Bidder Cards

  • Meal Ticket Cards

  • Valet Cards

  • Skybox Cards

Barrett-Jackson’s Luxury Brand Event

It is widely agreed that Barret-Jackson sets the bar for the collector car industry, and over the years Barrett-Jackson auctions have evolved into world-class events.

These auctions attract celebrities, car collectors and enthusiasts, and high-end customers from all over the world. The 2023 Scottsdale event brought in a record-setting 300,000+ attendees.

Over 1,900 cars were sold at Scottsdale’s 2023 event for over $184 million. The proceeds of designated cars are donated to select charities and organizations that Barrett-Jackson supports. To date, their events have raised over $150 million for charity.

To make this a successful event, Barrett-Jackson needs to:

1. Prominently feature the cars to excite guests and build anticipation for auctions.
2. Make it easy for attendees to vote, place bids, and participate in event activities.
3. Organize and provide exclusive access to VIP amenities and experiences.

high end fine art prints

Using Event Graphics That Elevate Your Branding

Engage Guests with High-End Marketing Materials

People have come to expect engaging, high-energy, action-packed events from Barrett-Jackson. Marketing materials are integral to the success of the event, allowing guests to get involved in the action and creating a memorable, high-end experience. Since 2016 Artisan Colour has printed event materials for Barrett-Jackson car auctions that reflect the quality associated with the brand, engage guests in event activities, and enhance the excitement of the overall event experience.

Thousands of VIPs are among the 300,000+ people in attendance. Small format cards and passes are necessary to help organize and carry out the VIP Barrett-Jackson experience and give select guests exclusive access to VIP areas, amenities, and experiences.

To accommodate the grand scale of the event, we printed large quantities of small format materials, for use at the Scottsdale auction as well as Barrett-Jackson’s other auctions in Palm Beach, Houston, and New Orleans among others.

Generate Excitement for Luxury Brand Events

A Barrett-Jackson auction is an exciting, high-energy event where the cars are the show’s stars. Large format printing is used to showcase the cars, putting them front and center, and drumming up excitement for the auctioning of these one-of-a-kind automobiles.

  • HD Prints of Feature Cars
  • Autograph Posters
  • License Plates

The prints and posters must look amazing, just like the cars do in person. Artisan-printed feature car images on durable, lightweight Gatorboard using advanced level quality control and color calibration, combined with best-in-class printing technology. These high-definition fine art quality prints are hung in the Barrett-Jackson display room to highlight the vibrant colors and unique details of each automobile for bidders and event guests.

High-End Printing Services

A high-end print partner, like Artisan Colour, will listen to the needs of your brand and create high-quality customized print solutions that result in an engaging, unforgettable experience and uphold the quality and standards of your brand.

No matter the size of your brand or the scale of your event, Artisan Colour treats every partner like a luxury brand and is committed to maintaining a high level of quality control and customer service for all clients.

Do you have an upcoming event? Book a discovery call to learn how Artisan Colour can help elevate your event!

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