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Allied Group Sales

Create a Welcoming and Winning Environment

Wall graphics printing visually describes what a company does and how it does it. Graphics can emphasis values, promote products, or inspire employees. The key to expert execution of award-winning environmental graphics is bringing together the right visionaries.

Engage Your Customers  

When Allied Sales Group – an electrical and lighting manufacturer’s representative sales agency – needed corporate wall graphics printing for a training room, Artisan was the perfect partner.

Allied CEO Tim Klei wanted to visually tell the company’s story for the customers and employees who utilize the space. Senior Account Executive Kristiane Trejo consulted with Klei and knew Designer Tim Meyers could take on the challenge, bringing creativity and life to the blank walls.

The spruced-up space pays homage to the company’s southwestern heritage and locations while highlighting what Allied does and how they do it.

Details in the Design  

To bring the Allied story to life, Meyers incorporated artwork from a variety of sources and brought it all together seamlessly to create a cohesive, thematic design. Trejo managed the design execution, printing on 3M iJ40 wall wrap vinyl with matte laminate.

The Lighting & Controls wall features a 2D rendering of lighting projects in action, along with supplier branding. The refreshment wall features iconic images of each area that Allied is in: El Paso, Arizona, Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Full Service Print Partner

Allied and Artisan collaborated at every step of the wall graphics printing process, from the initial consult and precise design details to the professional installation. Although the project included complicated wall dimensions and architectural obstacles, the team transformed the training room in just one weekend, minimizing disruption to the rest of the office.

The revamped Allied Sales Group training room wowed more than just employees and customers. The graphics print project also won a 2021 American Marketing Association (AMA) Phoenix Spectrum Award for Corporate Wall Graphics.

Wall Graphics Printing to Enhance a Space  

Now when employees, suppliers, and customers work in the training room, they are surrounded by imagery that describes Allied Group Sales. It is instantly clear what the company does and where they do it. Pride and appreciation exude through the design and motivate more work to be done.

“Kristiane and Tim worked nonstop using their own creativity and the incredible technology at Artisan to deliver the design we envisioned” – Tim Klei, President & CEO, Allied Sales Group.

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“From my first contact with Artisan, the responsiveness was second to none and the professionalism was exactly what I was hoping for. Kristiane and Tim worked nonstop using their own creativity and the incredible technology at Artisan to deliver the design we envisioned. From our initial meeting through final installation the experience was one I would certainly repeat myself and most definitely recommend to others.”

Tim 300x403 1Tim Klei, President & CEO, Allied Sales Group


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