Have you ever ordered something and when the delivery day came, it looked different than it did online or in the catalog?

Savvy marketing professionals utilize our prepress and premedia services to boost customer satisfaction, reduce returns, and increase profitability. We make your products look irresistible – and accurate – with our prepress content editing and catalog printing services:

  • Graphic design and page layout
  • In-house product photography studio
  • Image retouching
  • Color management for perfect color-matching
  • Digital asset management
  • Online image libraries

Prepress services from experienced Artisans ensure your products look exactly like your customer expects. The process of color management is a critical step in this prepress workflow that leads to printing a catalog. Color management is equally important in premedia, which is the workflow for publishing online.

Here’s an insider look at the prepress process and the factors that affect the success of your marketing campaign.


Bringing your vision to life begins with intriguing graphic design and a perfected print layout that meets your brand’s exacting requirements, on the web and in print. No matter the medium –  signage, packaging or a catalog, design and layout are critical to your brand.

For catalogs or other marketing collateral, print design must engage the reader without the benefit of movement or interactivity so having a designer experienced in the medium and how to maximize its advantages is key to good graphic design and perfect print layouts.

Artisan Colour has worked with nationally recognized retailers, magazines and catalogs across multiple industries since 1998. This experience means we know how to make your catalog look beautiful and sell effectively to your customers all while meeting your brand’s exacting requirements.

Catalogs Patagonia

Seamless Prepress Process

Whether it’s a catalog or a short-run corporate retail printing job, our prepress process ensures that your print products are professional looking and effective.

For catalogs, you can have your catalog look and feel like a magazine, like the Prana catalog, or have a beautiful editorial feel like the Patagonia catalog. Our team of experts can work with your graphic design team to help you realize the aspirational goals of your marketing as a part of our prepress process.

Helping with medium or paper choice decisions, page count, and catalog trim size are ways we partner with clients to offset production costs.

Clients love the seamless process – see how Artisan has become a “valued and trusted partner” to Sundance.


Amazing photography sells products. 

From studio photography to color management, Artisan has several ways to help you achieve the aspirational goals of your brand marketing.

Artisan Colour handles all aspects of premedia photography services. Our state-of-the-art photography studio is capable of meeting the needs of any product, from full-scale fashion shoots to the 360-degree product turntable.

Our premedia services save time and money.

Our studio can save you significant time and money from traditional “on location” photo re-shoots. Products sometimes change from the initial concept and photo shoot to the catalog. We can update products right in our studio without the time and cost of scheduling another photo shoot.

Have a product you need to change? Send us the product image and we’ll seamlessly insert it into your product photo proof.

Add pizazz with effective color & image asset management.

Once the photography is complete, our color management experts use the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure your products pop like they’re right there in front of your customer. Whether you need photos taken or just need them managed, Artisan makes sure your images are flawless before printing.

Professional, visually stunning product images that are easy to find and access are the end result – and it’s why clients rave about us.

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Our Artisan Captures photo studio can help you achieve the best quality images with perfect color

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image3 assetManagement

Artisan streamlines the prepress process with easy access to your product image library through our Digital Asset Management System (DAM). Access your digital assets 24/7 – quickly find images, videos, and documents by name, date, metadata, and dozens of other criteria. This searchability is especially helpful when you have a significant asset library, like Sundance, with over 40,000 assets.

A secure portal protects assets while enabling access and easy retrieval for print, eCommerce, or marketing. Users access their assets securely through their web browsers with unique passwords. This helps streamline the prepress process and allows for collaboration to produce the best-printed assets.


Soft proofing is one of many proof checkpoints throughout the process to ensure the final product images match your vision, meeting both your high branding and color accuracy requirements. This quality assurance step involves checking for color accuracy, correct and consistent product information, image placement, and customer appeal. The industry average indicates three rounds of color review, however, this is just an average. Some soft proofing cycles could be more or less.

During the soft proofing process, special attention is paid to photography. Artisan uses the latest tools and technologies to ensure your catalog images appeal to your customers and sell your products. We know that your job can be on the go, in order to support modern working styles, we provide both desktop and mobile soft proofing solutions.


Whether it’s pre-press services for printing or premedia services for digital advertising, Artisan harnesses the power of G7 certification and decades of experience to match colors accurately.

  • OmniProof
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Monitor profiles
  • Color space profiles (sRGB, Adobe 1998)
  • Epson proofing profiles
  • Paper simulation profiles
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The Right PrePress Services Can Increase Sales and Save You Money.

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OmniProof and Dalim soft proofing technology make the proofing process faster and easier while ensuring color perfect printing. Imagine reviewing proofs digitally from anywhere using your desktop, laptop, or tablet to make annotations, color changes, retouching edits, and provide approvals wherever there’s an Internet connection.

Collaborate in real-time with key stakeholders on your team, saving significant travel time and costs. Soft proofing allows a well-organized and user-friendly technology for today’s remote working environment.

See what our clients have to say about us.

Sundance home spring 2019 cover

“Sundance has been lucky enough to partner with Artisan for nearly two decades. In that time as technology has changed so has Artisan. They have grown prudently but always on the cutting edge of technology. The strong, steady leadership they have in place allows customers an assurance that their projects are in good hands.

The internal team in the shop is top notch in their ability and positive attitude. We appreciate the partnership with everyone internally and the attention to detail they give our work.

As our need for signage grew we have been able to utilize the Artisan HD group for our retail stores. It is really a seamless process to use our images across multiple platforms. We consider them a valued and trusted partner.”

Cindy Lashley, Director of Creative Services Production at Sundance CatalogCindy Lashley, Director of Creative Services Production, Sundance Catalog



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