Artisan Colour built a digital asset management system to be highly secure and customizable. The system allows multiple users (each with a unique password) access to images, videos, page documents, and art files through a traditional web browser. Users can easily download, upload, distribute, and edit files.

The ability to securely store client images year after year for catalog and web repurposing has substantially reduced creative costs for all of our clients, big and small. Sundance Catalog Company became Artisan’s first national account in 1999 and Artisan Colour maintains every asset used since. The Sundance image library now holds over 40,000 unique assets, which are accessible 24/7, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

digital asset management screen: custom built printing technology from Artisan Colour

Benefits of the Artisan Colour Digital Asset Management System:

  • Secure access to assets, 24/7
  • Ability to give multiple users access with unique passwords
  • Easily search any asset by name, date, metadata, or dozens of other criteria
  • Metadata tags and keywords allow for easy organization

  • Customized automated metadata injection methods


Artisan Colour has built a number of workflow tools specifically for our catalog clients. Save time and money by utilizing these helpful workflow tools.

Selects & Connect
Two time saving examples of our in-house applications are called Selects & Connect.

Selects is our proprietary photo workflow which allows art directors to easily pare down hundreds of images into ‘picks’ for the catalog, web and retail. After the picks are selected, creative or production staff can digitally annotate changes and share the picks with others.

Connect is our proprietary application to easily transfer InDesign documents from your computer desktop to our server, allowing up-to-date feedback on what’s been released or edited.

Artisan Colour Connect screen: custom built printing technology from Artisan Colour

Proofing: Contract, Soft, Remote, and Press
Whether you need a last minute review of an image or a full color-managed solution for an entire project, Artisan Colour’s proofing system allows for fast and flexible viewing, annotations, and approvals.

  • Web browser based, 24/7 access
  • Proof full catalogs or individual ads
  • Multi-tiered approval workflow
  • Proof an image with different color profiles

  • Densitometer readings
  • Markup pens and annotation tools
  • Unlimited zoom
  • Full text selection
  • Spot color supported
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